Whats New In Social Media March 2019

What’s New in Social Media // March 2019

Hello and welcome to your monthly instalment of social media goodness. Turns out there’s some really interesting stuff going on in the world. Who knew? And if you’ve already got reading fatigue…

  1. You really need to work on your stamina
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READ: LinkedIn launches its Live video streaming service (4 mins)

LinkedIn Live video streaming

LinkedIn is like that mate that’s always late to the party but arrives impeccably dressed and with a really big bag of snacks. LinkedIn live has been rolled out to selected users, giving them the ability to stream video to a 600m strong network of professionals. LinkedIn is going to focus on higher end, polished videos by working with third party broadcasters.

It’ll focus on live video from conferences, product announcements, Q&As, events led by influencers and mentors, office hours from big tech companies, earnings calls and graduation and award ceremonies. Find out why you should include live streamed videos in your marketing mix and pick up some neat ideas on how to get started in the full blog.

READ: Instagram IGTV promotions and public collections (3 mins)

Instagram is like that mate at a party who insists on dancing solo on the table. It rarely refrains from blowing its own trumpet, except, strangely in the case of IGTV which isn’t performing as expected. Instagram is looking at ways of pulling its 1bn+ regular app users over to IGTV using short video clips and trailers on the main platform. They’ll also start showing users suggested IGTV channels to tune into.

Instagram is also thinking about maybe one day possibly testing the ability to make private Collections public. (I.e. it’ll probably happen next week). Collections are a bit like the mood board format adopted by Pinterest and could offer great opportunities to businesses and influencers. Find out how you can benefit by reading the full blog.

READ: Facebook seizes control of your Ad Budgeting. Good or bad? (4mins)

From September advertisers on Facebook will be forced to set their budgets at the Campaign level. They’ll then cede control to Facebook in exactly how that spend is allocated among different target groups. This move makes advertising even simpler for those who don’t really know what they’re doing (and puts more cash in the Facebook vaults). However, it takes away control from expert advertisers who know how to measure and tweak every part of a campaign to deliver the very best return on investment. We count ourselves among that elite bunch by the way.

Find out how you can learn more about Instagram and Facebook Advertising in the full blog.

READ: Facebook’s Holy Trinity of Chat (6 mins)

Facebook's Holy Trinity of Chat
Courtesy of https://www.pexels.com/@juanpphotoandvideo

Facebook is embarking on a year-long project to bring together its three chat services – Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct. While these will still operate as standalone services, they’ll be more integrated. Cross-channel messaging, end to end encryption, and countless opportunities for businesses to reach more over a third of the world’s population in new and exciting ways.

People love to chat. Chat marketing open rates are 60-80% (compared to 10-20% for email marketing). Your customers are more likely to buy from you if they can chat with you. Chat can even be automated using Bots to help you manage everything from marketing, customer service, sales and FAQs.

Find out some of the things you can do right now to hop on board the chat train in the full blog.

That’s it for this month. See you next time round!