What’s New in Social Media // February 2019

Hello and welcome to my latest blog. I was recently given my own profile page on SocialBrighton.com so if you’d like to find out my favourite film or celebrity crush you can do so here.

And, if you’re reading this, Penelope Cruz, I’m afraid this ship has sailed. Sorry luv.

Anyway, on with business… this edition will give you the low down on all the latest social media tips and tools we think are important to you.

READ: The Facebook Page Quality blog (6mins)

Find out what you’ve been doing wrong on Facebook
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Find out what you might have been doing wrong on Facebook with the new Page Quality tab. This new feature will show you any content you’ve posted or shared that has been removed or demoted by Facebook. Brush up on Facebook’s Community Guidelines and learn why it’s important to be careful about sharing fake news.

READ: Instagram offers new ways to promote Stories blog (4mins)

How to promote Instagram Stories

Instagram has been testing the ability to share links to entire Stories outside of its platform. This will allow you to distribute those beautifully crafted Stories via your other marketing channels and gain new followers.  Our blog also lays out the benefits and drawbacks of spending money to promote your posts and Stories.

READ: LinkedIn extends its advertising platform blog (6mins)

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn has added a raft of new options to it’s advertising platform. 200 new ‘Interest’ categories will allow you to target groups of people based on their interests. So if you’re looking to market to people considering a career change, or interested in science, or active in the charity sector, now you can. And so much more.

READ: TikTok starts to open up to advertisers blog (4mins)

TikTok experiments with advertising

TikTok is the rising star of the social media world. Find out how much fun 800m users are having on the platform and how businesses might soon be able to advertise to this hard-to-reach youth market. You’ll need to be quick, creative and ideally speak Chinese, but it’ll open up massive opportunities.

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