The Future of Social Media

As a new addition to the Social Brighton team, this is my first blog post. It took me a while to gain enough confidence to start this blog, but I figured nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone!

In episode #20 of the ‘Social Media Simplified’ podcast, our very own Kerry and Callum discussed what the future of social media might look like. Being hard to predict, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and changes within the social media environment to avoid falling behind.

Luckily for you I am here to keep you updated on the recent changes happening on social media at the moment.

Trouble With Trolling

Social media sites Twitter and Facebook have found themselves in deep water recently due to their participation in the dissemination of fake news during political elections and the poor regulation of trolling on their platforms.

More pressure has been put on social media sites to take responsibility for the content shared online which has led many to make changes to their platforms.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in a interview style TED Talk, spoke about his plans to change their approach towards the monitoring of trolling and abuse that takes place within the platform. Twitter are creating a better networking environment which encourages healthy contribution and conversation.

In order to do this, the Twitter CEO has implemented machine learning to identify accounts which are participating in trolling activity. This means that a tweet or account does not need to be reported by a user in order for it to be flagged to the Twitter support team. 

Twitter’s most recent partnership is with machine learning researchers Fabula Al, with the aim to improve the conversation on Twitter and towards a more enjoyable space for users.

As for Facebook, in the recent F8 conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the future of Facebook is private. Facebook is currently trying to gain trust back from users by creating a more private site. With the original idea of Facebook being a town village, Zuckerberg wants to create a network similar to a digital living-room environment, where private conversations are had with smaller groups of people.

Key Take-away:

  • Don’t neglect Twitter because it is an essential platform to have healthy conversation with your followers!


Removal of The Like Button?

The link between users mental health and the ‘like’ button on Instagram has been up for debate recently. This is due to many users reporting the negative impact the ‘like’ feature has had on their mental state.

Instagram are trialling a new format in Canada, where the number of likes on a post is only visible to the user that posted the photograph. The preferred outcome is that users will have a more positive experience on the app, taking the pressure off posting and away from how many likes you receive on a post.

If this new format is rolled out globally, we are left questioning how this might impact business accounts and influencers on Instagram whose income can be reflected from the amount of likes they get.

For many businesses, likes and views reflect their social presence online and the engagement they have with their followers. The amount of engagement a business or influencer might accrue can impact how much they are paid for collaborations, or if another company wants to work with them or not.

It is likely that there will be a change in user behaviour on the app. The use of the stories feature on Instagram has sky-rocketed and I believe it will continue to do so. This could be partly due to there being less pressure when posting because likes are not involved. Furthermore, Instagram Stories allow for more private and meaningful conversations to be had. A greater amount of your followers can be reached because your stories don’t get lost in the algorithms within the feed.

Key Take-away:

  • Utilise Instagram Stories in order to engage more with your followers!


Facebook’s Crypto-Currency

Facebook have announced their own digital currency, Libra. It is a fee-free crypto-currency which users will be able to transfer through WhatsApp and on the Facebook Messenger App. Libra will be able to reach billions of people who are ‘un-banked’ due to the fact all you need is a smartphone to use it. Furthermore, Libra will offer lower fees for transferring the digital currency over seas.Image result for libra

The increased online domination of Facebook has left many people questioning whether we can trust Libra. There is something which does not feel right about Libra handling billions of people’s bank details after the recent Facebook data scandal.

Another big question on everyone’s minds, what does Facebook gain from this?

This new payment venture will be great for the Facebook Ads business. The more transactions which are made on the site will provide Facebook with crucial data on users spending habits, including what people want to buy or have bought. More businesses will then use the Facebook ads service in order to advertise their products or services to Libra users.

Key Take-away:

  • Although it is important to keep up with the changes in social media, it doesn’t mean you have to participate in it too.


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