Instagram trends 2020

The 8 Instagram Trends of 2020 You Need to Know

What has worked the best on Instagram in 2020?

There are a few Instagram trends that are predicted to rise even more in 2021 that were mainly influenced by the pandemic.

1. There’s been a steep rise in the use of Instagram Stories, IGTV and Lives.

Instagram trends live 2020

Live videos on Instagram rose by about 70% since lockdown started! And it will continue to rise in 2021. (Busine

ss Insider, 2020). Businesses use lives to connect with followers, not only to answer questions but also to provide some of their services which they’re unable to do in person during lockdown.

Whereas Instagram Stories have been popular for a while they are now a key component within influencer marketing (Tribe Dynamic, 2020).

What’s more, it’s possible to make money via IGTV. Instagram allows users to monetise videos with the use of ads. This makes IGTV one of the main players on this app.

2. Use Instagram Reels will continue to rise as well.

Reels were launched this summer and are predicted to be TikTok’s direct competitor in 2021. (Busines Insider, 2020).

We’ve noticed Reels becoming more and more popular and would encourage using them, especially for creative businesses. They can help you to be more discoverable on Instagram via the Explore tab.

Instagram Reels Trends 20203. More than half of Instagram users use the Explore tab.

Creative reels, IGTV videos or simply posting more carousel posts will increase your chances to be discovered there.

4. In-app shopping is currently trending.

70% of shoppers use Instagram to discover new products. Whenever you post a new product and have linked your shop to the app, make sure you tag the products.

Instagram trends 2020

Other trending Instagram features are:

5. Branded AR filters

If you’re a creative business and want to make the most of Instagram features, try making your AR filter. It’s so popular that since it was introduced, they have been used by more than 1 billion people.

6. Carousel posts

One in five posts are carousel posts. Carousel posts are reaching more people than single photo posts and attract people’s attention to check the content, especially when sharing graphics with tips and advice. In other words, it’s a ‘savable content’ for the followers.

7. Instagram’s Social Cause

This feature is becoming popular as well. The fundraiser’s feature encourages users to raise money for a cause, a fantastic way to use social for good.

8. TikTok and Tweets

We’ve noticed that a lot of users have been sharing content from other platforms on Instagram. Maybe it’s also a great way not only to engage on Instagram but also to direct your audience to your other social media channels.

Let us know if you’ve noticed these trends – perhaps you’ve already tried some of them?