Podcasting Course

This extensive podcasting course will give you the confidence and understanding so you can plan and launch your podcast within a week! You’ll learn how to choose a podcasting niche, launch it with a bang, discover the right equipment to use as well as all the technical steps along the way.

You’ll leave with everything you need to launch your podcast in just ONE week.

Our podcasting extraordinaire, Cat Neligan, will guide you through:
- Deciding your format, content and name
- Creating your podcast artwork
- Recording your intro and outro
- Setting up your media host

So when it comes to recording your first episode you’ll know exactly what to do and in what order.

Course Takeaways

- How to strategically plan and create an original podcast
- Get a clear picture and understanding of the podcasting process
- A workbook and resources to make sure you take action when you get home
- Clear understanding of all the tools needed for a high quality show

Course Content

- How to choose your Podcast topic
- How to name your Podcast
- Create your own Podcast artwork
- Podcasting equipment – what you need (and don’t need)
- Media Host – what is a media host, and why do I need one?
- Recommended media host & walkthrough
- The complete 7-step Podcast launch process & walkthrough
- The 3 most important things you need in your Podcasting journey
- Deciding on Podcast content (Interview or solo? Frequency? Length?)
- How to find guests for your show
- How to find topics for your show
- How to launch your Podcast with a bang

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those of you who are already considering starting a podcast but are overwhelmed by the technical set up. Or you might just want help on deciding your niche or how to strategically launch it so it has the biggest impact on your business – or even build a business from it. If you’re not too tech savvy – don’t worry! Whilst the course does dive deep into the technical steps, it is also simple enough to give anyone the confidence and understanding to start their own podcast.

Cat Neligan is your trainer for this course – Check out her The Creative Introvert Podcast here!

“The Podcasting course organised by Social Brighton was really enjoyable and a useful overview of the what is involved if you want to start a podcast. In particular Cat’s personal journey, which was full of great tips and helpful information, was an excellent example of what is possible and very motivating. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone considering taking to the airwaves.”

– Sharon Anderson

“I feel I can instantly get started on my podcast! I have already bought the kit whilst sitting in the Q&A!”

– Daisy Cresswell

“The course was really excellent, very insightful trainer. I now feel ready to go!”

– Alison Dunn

“Thanks for another wonderful workshop!”

– Rosie Iles Jones

(Listen to Rosie’s NEW Podcast Now)

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