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Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course

Facebook and Instagram audiences are enormous. Globally, Facebook has a hefty 2.38 billion monthly active users.

As for Instagram, their 1 billion audience is growing so mindbogglingly fast that by the time you’ve read this sentence it will have picked up a few thousand more.

The thing is… 

Advertising on these networks can be complex. If you find it confusing, you’re not alone.   

Does the idea of Instagram advertising bring you out in a rash? Have you boosted Facebook posts and wasted money? Lost the will to live trying to understand ad manager?  

Here’s the good news: 

Our Facebook and Instagram advertising course will turn you into an expert – even if you’re completely new to it.  You’ll know which type of ads will bring results for your business, how to plan, structure and set up campaigns, and how to test and measure their success.     

Course take-aways include:

- An optimised Facebook advert for immediate use, or to save for later
- Advert planning checklist
- The ability to create new target audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences based on your customers
- Familiarity with the technical terminology
- Knowledge of the objectives for each ad type, and which to use for different campaigns
- A strategy template, helping you allocate a budget and plan successful campaigns
- A complementary 1:1 follow-up session with one of our experts within 6 weeks of the course.

Course Content

It takes place over 1 day, with a maximum of 9 people per course. You’ll get the chance to work on your own business, take part in practical exercises and exchange ideas with other participants.

This course can get a bit technical – but don’t worry, we’ll explain in plain English and share resources to refer to as you begin your ad campaigns.

- An introduction to Facebook & Instagram ads
- Current trends and ad performance across different industries
- What is a Facebook pixel? And how do you use it?
- Facebook advert structure, and the different campaign types
- Planning a campaign with an ad campaign checklist
- Creating audiences and targeting new customers or clients
- Creating custom and lookalike audiences based on your customers (and website visitors)
- How to create more specific audiences using their previous interactions
- A/B testing (split testing) ads to improve performance
- Monitoring and editing adverts
- Measuring results
- Facebook Ads Manager – understand the terminology
- How to customise your dashboard to make performance measurement easy


“Wonderfully clear, succinct with individual and thoughtful guidance to creating the perfect ad”

– Francesca, Aviatrix.

“Kerry is an authoritative and engaging teacher. I found the course incredibly useful and far more interesting and fun than expected. Thanks!”

– Sarah Clayton, Kitch Media.

“Kerry makes everything so easy to understand and helps apply principles to your business no matter what sector you’re in.”

– Georgie St Clair, Artist & Instagram Influencer.

“Kerry’s knowledge of Facebook Advertising was spot on. She was totally aware of changing trends and advised how best to tackle them. An excellent session and would recommend you attend her course.”

– Piyush Patel.

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