Social Media Courses

Let’s cut through the confusion

Social media can be bewildering. It’s a massive opportunity for business, but only when it’s done properly.

So far, our social media courses have helped nearly 300 businesses get it right.
If you’re randomly publishing content that gets mixed results, confused about where to focus your efforts or just wondering what the hell you’re doing, we can transform you into an expert.

The courses are informal, friendly and fun. They’re packed full of valuable information – and with a maximum of only 9 people per group, you’ll get tailored advice that’s relevant to your own business.

Simple Social Media Strategy Course

Feeling overwhelmed by social media? This course breaks through the confusion to give you focus and clarity. You’ll leave with a simple, workable strategy that brings measurable results for your business with less time and effort.

Social Media Strategy

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course

Facebook and Instagram ads can reap huge rewards, but it’s easy to get lost in the complexity. We’ll clarify things for you. You’ll leave the course knowing which type of ads will bring results for your business, how to plan, structure and set up campaigns, and how to test and measure their success.

LinkedIn Course

When it comes to professional networks, LinkedIn is the sharpest tool in the box. This course is designed for organisations who want to maximise its power as a sales and marketing tool. Find out how to establish your organisation as a trustworthy, credible industry expert.

social media audit

Smartphone Video Masterclass

Video is the future. Learn from a professional how to shoot and edit beautiful videos with no specialist equipment - just your phone. Kim Slade of Touch Video Academy delivers a fascinating workshop on how make fabulous videos without raiding the marketing budget.

Instagram Masterclass

Instagram isn’t just photos of someone’s dinner. With more than 25 million brand accounts, Instagram is where successful businesses need to be. This masterclass helps you become confident with all the features, set objectives, plan your strategy and get creative with Instagram marketing.

Podcasting Course Brighton

Podcasting Course

This introductory podcasting course will help you plan and launch your podcast. You’ll learn how to choose a podcasting niche, launch it with a bang, discover the right equipment to use as well as all the technical steps along the way. Ideal for those of you who are already considering starting a podcast but are overwhelmed by the technical set up, or if you want expert help to make sure your podcast has the biggest impact on your business – or even build a business from it!

Your New Content Calendar

This workshop will teach you a fresh approach to developing a content strategy for your business. The social media content course is designed so you leave re-energised and full of ideas for what to share on your social networks. We’ll share our tried and tested content planning process to help you organise your ideas into campaigns and themes. You’ll learn how to use some creative tools to help you develop graphics and branded content too. We’ll share our content calendar template with you to take away, which will help organise your content schedules.

bespoke social media training

Pinterest Masterclass

It’s moved on from cupcakes and crafts. Did you know that 83% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest? If your business sells stuff online, this masterclass will help you sell more of it. Pinterest gurus Georgie and Dorte from Curly Carrot share simple, practical steps to success.