Podcasting Course

Podcasts in the UK are booming!

Nearly 6 million adults are now tuning in each week and the number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years!

Podcast consumption is a fast growing trend that businesses are only just now beginning to leverage. Podcast audiences are highly engaged – 89% of them listen right to the end of an episode.

Podcasting offers a great way to grow a deeper connection with your customers, to display your passion and expertise, and to build affinity, trust and loyalty.

Every business is made up of people.

We all have stories to tell.

We can help you find yours.

Our podcasting course is run by Kerry Watkins, founder of Social Brighton and Jake Bailey, podcasting and marketing expert.

You’ll leave this hands on session with the skills and inspiration to get a recording and launch your very own podcast.

Course Takeaways

- An understanding of the business potential of podcasting
- The ability to plan and structure podcast content
- Knowing how to choose the right recording location and equipment
- Experience of a live recording and editing demonstration
- Advice on how to create titles, descriptions and artwork
- A plan to distribute and market your finished podcast

Course Content

This full day workshop incorporates plenty of interactive group discussion and practical tasks. You’ll learn about:

- The potential of podcasting
- How to build your podcast strategy
- How to define objectives and target audiences
- Choosing the right format for your show
- Approaching contributors and guests
- Choosing an engaging theme or topic
- Finding the right recording space
- Research and rehearsal tips
- How to select the right recording & editing equipment
- Advice on creating eye-catching artwork
- How to write a good title and description
- How to package your podcast for distribution
- Choosing the best podcast host
- How to market and improve your podcast

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is interested in starting a podcast! We focus on podcasting for businesses, but can equally cater to creative podcasters wanting to have fun or even to make an income from their content.

So if you’re a marketer, small business owner, writer, reporter, storyteller, seller… or anything in between… this course is for you.

Podcasting Course Brighton

“The Podcasting course organised by Social Brighton was really enjoyable and a useful overview of the what is involved if you want to start a podcast. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone considering taking to the airwaves.”

– Sharon Anderson

“I feel I can instantly get started on my podcast! I have already bought the kit whilst sitting in the Q&A!”

– Daisy Cresswell

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