Social Media Predictions - Video, augmented reality and shoppable media

Social Media Predictions for 2018 – Video & Interactive Shopping

Our third and final ‘Social Media Predictions for 2018’ blog examines video on social media, augmented reality and shoppable media. We have published our 2018 predictions as three separate blog posts, grouped around different themes:

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  3. Video & Interactive Shopping

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Social Media giants as video broadcasters

Social Media Predictions 2018 - video

The rise in mobile video consumption will continue throughout 2018. In 2017 56.5% of all video online plays occurred on mobile devices. 50% of these videos were of five minutes duration or longer. YouTube has reported rises in mobile video consumption of over 100% year on year.

Several major social media companies have spent vast resources in 2017 building their video offerings and ramping up production of exclusive content.

Launched in the US in August, Facebook Watch allows users to watch curated and commissioned video programmes. The development of this new video platform is a major priority for 2018, with $1bn budgeted for content commissions. This is a clear attempt to challenge YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Twitter already produces over 800 hours of TV each day and signed 16 new deals in 2017 to bring even more live sports, entertainment and news programming to the platform. YouTube has expanded its original content output with 40 more new shows developed in 2017. Snapchat and NBC Universal developed their partnership to enable new NBC content to be distributed via Snapchat. This content will be created in vertical format and augmented with Snapchat style graphics.

Shoppable media and Augmented Reality

Social Media Predictions 2018 - Shoppable Media and Augmented Reality

‘Shoppable’ media refers to any content (i.e. videos, photos, adverts) that gives customers tools to make informed decisions about purchasing. This new type of media often allows people to complete transactions within the media itself, simplifying the process of purchasing.

This new format has been used in a range of media, such as digital magazines where readers can click/tap to add to their shopping cart products that are mentioned in the editorial. The idea is to create engaging, emotive content which encourages purchasing. Technology then allows the consumer to buy the item seamlessly, without having to go to a different web page.

Social media channels are prime real estate for this kind of new advert with more ‘swipe to buy’ calls to action being seen. It’s important to make the act of purchasing as simple as possible, for example by offering ways to pay which don’t involve having to enter card details (i.e. PayPal, Apple Pay). This trending marketing technique is likely to grow in importance in 2018.

Shoppable media has also been combined with augmented reality, giving customers the ability to point their phones at something that exists in the physical environment and overlay digital imagery onto it. This is already enabling consumers to try out different shades of paint for their living room, or see what a new kitchen table might look like. Developments to this technology may enable your business to give customers a taste of what they’d be purchasing before committing to buy, and help them make the right decisions.

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