Social Media Health-Check for Business


  1. List all social media accounts for your business and note the key metrics
  2. If your organisation is also a place, is it listed as one with the correct address on Facebook?
  3. Are the multiple or old accounts that need merging/deleting?
  4. Are your website and contact details up to date?
  5. Is your ‘About’ section and/or bio relevant and read well?
  6. Do your profile picture and cover video/photos look great? (Hi-res and no wording cropped on mobile)
  7. On Facebook, is your call to action button link working and linking to relevant URL?
  8. Who has administrative access to your accounts?
  9. Are there social buttons on your website that link to the correct accounts?
  10. Record website traffic, social referrals and new visitors (and conversations if relevant) for the last 3 month
  11. Write a short qualitative analysis of your content from the past month (media, language, relevance)
  12. What is your publishing schedule like? (Frequency/consistency)
  13. Are you interacting with others – replies, acknowledging comments or shares, joining conversations?
  14. How are your networks performing compared to a competitor? (qualitative and quantitative). Refine your strategic goals with targets and timeframes based on your audit e.g. increase website referrals by 10% in 3 months, grow followers by X each month, post X links per month etc.