We believe in using social for good

Social media gives us all the ability to communicate and share content with people all over the world, instantly and at scale.

This provides amazing opportunities to create real-world impact; to educate, inform, engage and influence global audiences. But with this comes a responsibility that we all need to take seriously.

We believe businesses and individuals should consider how their actions on social media impact people and society at large.

  • Are you adding value to the reader/viewer?
  • Are you sharing accurate, verified information in a responsible way?
  • Are you supporting a larger vision of positive social change?

Our clients care about these things, and we care about helping them achieve them.

We enable them to maximise their impact on social media, and really get the most out of it. So they can creatively, strategically and ethically add value to their audiences, their team, their organisation, and society as a whole.

We work with all types of organisations, from tech startups to global reaching charities, to commercial industry-leaders.

We pride ourselves on working with many clients who are focused on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals including good health and well-being, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, reduced inequalities and affordable and clean energy.



Using our expertise to help organisations make the world a better place is why we love coming to work everyday.



Some of the most amazing projects we’ve worked on have included:

Gender equality & behaviour change in Nigeria

We developed a social media strategy to engage young men, women, boys and girls, share free educational resources and spark community discussions around gender norms.

The ultimate goal across the 5 year project was to create attitude, knowledge and behaviour change to improve the lives of young people and future generations. Seeing the stories shared on Facebook about what people had learned throughout the campaign and how they had changed their attitudes and behaviours was incredibly rewarding

Sanitation & hygiene for all, with a focus on developing countries

We developed a social media strategy to support this non-profit’s goal through sharing resources, approaches, current thinking and best practice throughout the sector to eradicate open defecation, leaving no one behind. Connecting with INGOs, NGOs and community practitioners to support rapid action and timely learning. We supported them throughout a whole rebrand process and new website brief, liaising with the web development and graphic design team to ensure the whole process ran smoothly and the website launch was a success.

Health & hygiene with new mums and mums to be in Kenyan slums

The strategy we developed supported this Unilever project to using social media platform to share advice, free resources and support to vulnerable and poor communities where an understanding of basic hygiene and sanitation practices are not the norm. Through collaborating with community influencers, creating and sharing powerful video footage and building a community of women, we helped them to learn about nutrition, hand washing and sanitation. We created and managed a paid Facebook campaign to reach the most vulnerable.

Quality of life measurements

Our client is a not-for-profit global network of healthcare professionals and scientists. We developed a strategy to enable them to use social media to connect with relevant networks throughout the world and share important content, to further quality of life studies within the sector.



Watch this space for more about how we can all use social for good, some guides to help marketers and agencies use social media ethically and responsibly, and much more. We’re busy developing resources while we work on these amazing projects!

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