Social media during uncertain times | COVID-19

If you’re one of the billions of people on social media right now, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the influx of news, statistics and conflicting advice circulating around COVID-19.

In these uncertain times, it’s even more important than usual that we use social media to generate feelings of support and solidarity, and not as a means of spreading fear. 


We’ve already seen some great examples of positive social media usage; here are some of our favourites, along with our own tips for how to navigate social media during uncertain times.

  1. Share useful advice and insights with your network; @thehappypear have some brilliant content on how to stock your kitchen and boost your immune system. We’ve also seen lots of good suggestions on how to keep busy whilst self-isolating.

2. Reassure your customers with an update on all the steps you’ve taken to ensure their safety – share it as a graphic like @theflourpotbakerybrighton and @roxlife_uk

social media COVID-19 _SB_1

or use the caption to inform your customers like @wolfoxcoffee

social media COVID-19_SB

3. Stay positive, share uplifting messages and make people smile like @the_happy_broadcast.

social media COVID-19It’s really important that we focus on sharing a positive message on social rather than spreading panic and contributing to the anxiety many people are already struggling with. It is a very difficult period and we need to focus on creating light and positive content that distracts people from the situation, or helpful and supportive content that provides them with useful, and most importantly, accurate information. 

Some of the things you could post during this time:

  • Ideas about what to do at home
  • Mother’s Day appreciation
  • Easter holiday-related content
  • Customers stories
  • Tips for your followers – mental health, social media, nutrition, anything related to your business

It’s a difficult time not only for us, families and friends but also for many businesses. Please continue supporting them if you can.


We are here to support you if you need any help or advice in relation to social media marketing, communicating with your customers or any other concerns you might have for your business that we can help with 👉🏼 CONTACT US

We hope you are all well and your businesses can cope effectively, diversify or find new opportunities to see you through these uncertain times. But most of all of, we hope you stay safe and healthy!