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Social Media Day | Why we love social?

It’s World Social Media Day!

A day to celebrate the way social media has connected us in our society and the important role it plays nowadays.

On this day we thought we would share with you why we love social media and what role it plays in our lives.



What I love about social media is that is has allowed people to connect all over the world and allowed good content to spread globally, media day

It gives us all a voice that, if you grew up pre-internet, is something quite amazing. That we can publish anything, uncensored to be seen by others, is a privilege. I love that we can discover new ideas, events and knowledge via social media and that we can make a positive impact on others.

My favourite networks have shifted – from Facebook in the late 00s to Twitter and now Instagram. I’m also quite partial to LinkedIn – discovering a lot of useful and informative content for work.

I use Instagram stories most often because I like the ephemeral nature of them. It’s nice to look back at memories and published content but I prefer to be able to share without considering the lasting effect, is it a good enough photo, what does it say about me etc. I don’t care about any of that with Stories – we can be more ‘in the moment’.

I have a private Instagram account where I share personal and family-based content to people I actually know. I love following current affairs and trending topics on Twitter and learning from others. And I like the professional debate and support on LinkedIn.

I make sure I’m not using social media personally too much because there’s a lot of social in my working day and I think a balance is needed. I have a busy family life and definitely take more time to look up and avoid the screen more these days.

We just need to make sure that younger generations think critically about social media and the impact it has on their lives.

So I’d say I’ve become more selective in my personal use of social media over the years but still see it as a very positive thing, despite the obvious disrespect of people’s data, monetisation and bad press.

Fundamentally, it still connects us all and is a great communications tool – but with that comes personal and corporate responsibility. I hope more organisations use social media for good.

Happy social media day!



I love social media as it’s my main source of connection with friends! By using networks like Instagram I’ve connected with so many like-minded creatives from around the world who are now my close friends offline. And I think that’s what is amazing about social, staying in touch with those who share the same interests and views and then finally spending time with them offline which is always such a heartwarming feeling.

My favourite platform is definitely Instagram as it allows me to put my interests and view of the world out there in a very visual and creative way. I can not only share my passions such as cooking and photographysocial media day 1 but also find some great opportunities for collaborations with other people and brands!

I like Instagram Stories a lot! I feel like I shifted from posting a lot on my feed to publishing much more Stories content that allows me to interact with everyone in such a simple and quick but also fun way.

What I also wanted to stress as it’s very important for me is to maintain a good balance between the amount of time I spend on social media and offline as well as the content I share. I make sure to separate my private life from social because my account on Instagram is public and simply, try to be safe and take care of my mental health as it’s very easy to cross the line if we spend way too much time in front of our screens watching other people lives.



What I love about social media is the amount of opportunity it has created. You can connect with millions of people globally, whether that be for business or personal use, that you would never have been able to before.

My favourite social media network is definitely Twitter! Although not a traditional news source, in my opinion, it is a valuable resource for finding out the latest news updates across the world. It is my main news outlet that I use every day.

I also find that Twitter is a slightly more relaxed platform in comparison to how you might portray yourself on Instagram or Facebook. It is the place where I find a lot of humour, my favourite part being the memes that come from it.

Having grown up into the world of social media, it plays a large role in my life. It is how I have been taught to communicate with friends that I don’t see much anymore and now what I would love to pursue a career in.

social media day 3



I don’t really use social media much outside of work, and when I do I’m an observer, not a participant!

Similar to Hayley I love Twitter because it’s jokes – anytime I want a laugh I can just look through tweets I’ve liked and know it’ll crack me up.

I also rate Instagram highly, there is so much content being published there all the time I know I can always see something fresh and new! And I think Insta is the best place for most businesses to be building their online presence. There’s still huge organic growth opportunity on Insta more so than any of the other big networks so it’s definitely worth exploring for anyone who’s thinking about making a splash on social!


And what’s your relationship with social media? Love it or hate it? Do you have your favourite network? Share your views with us!


Happy Social Media Day!