Social Media Content: This Time It’s Personal

I have a confession.

I’m sat at work writing this blog in the same tracksuit I wore to bed last night. For me, struggling through a week of illness and sleep deprivation, this is both a dream scenario and a new low. I can’t help but feel it’s also slightly emblematic of the move away from the traditional corporate 9-5 towards a new kind of business that blurs the line between work and home thanks to flexible hours, no dress code, after work socials and office dogs. But that might be the sleep deprivation talking. 

This shift from the professional to the personal is also noticeably reflected in the way businesses have started to interact with clients and customers online. Colloquial language, pop culture references, and emojis are becoming progressively commonplace in social media marketing. Increasingly, brands are ditching the traditional in favour of the relatable, and the results are generally very positive.

In this blog, I’ll share with you how to achieve this personal touch in your social media marketing using behind the scenes content.

So, what is behind the scenes content?

Behind the scenes content is essentially anything that helps to show the human side of your brand or business. Think photos of your team, content that shows the process of your product or service coming to life, or pictures of your office.

We’ve noticed that behind the scenes posts often get double, and sometimes even triple the engagement compared to posts about the services we offer.

But why is this?

Jeffrey Gitomer put it best when he stated ‘All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends.’ 

It’s difficult for people to connect with a faceless, personality-less brand; people connect best with other people.

Behind the scenes content is probably one of the easiest to weave into your marketing strategy because it doesn’t take a lot of planning, it’s low effort to produce and it typically has a great return. It goes hand in hand with the chatty, community driven nature of social media (I’m placing big emphasis on the word ‘social’ here – remember, your online marketing channels should be more about building and strengthening relationships with your audience than selling).

Brand personality is what connects your product to its consumers.’ Sprout Social

Incorporating behind the scenes content is also a brilliant way of showcasing the expertise of your team, thus helping to establish the credibility of your product or services with your clients and customers.

Ultimately, by showing the faces and personalities behind your business, and encouraging a two-way dialogue between yourself and your audience, you’ll gain the trust of your social media following and reinforce the authenticity of your brand.

So, next time you’re planning your social content, don’t get caught up in aiming for perfection; it’s the human side of your brand that everyone wants to see. 

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