If you have asked yourself any of these questions then you can learn a lot from having a social media expert look at your business…

How is my business faring on social media?

How do we compare to our competitors?

Are all of our social networks optimised and reflect our organisation accurately?

Does our content add value to our customers?

Are we communicating with them and building brand advocates?

Who has access to our Facebook page and advertising account?

What are my employees doing on social media?

Time for a social media health-check?

Our in-depth social media report answers all of the above questions and more. A blend of auditing, analysis, a fresh pair of eyes and expert feedback, based on both best practice and our experience, will give you the information you business needs right now.

You’ll be clear on any urgent issues that need addressing and can relax knowing your accounts are safe, managed well and optimised for their particular networks. Our feedback will identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie and where you need to focus to achieve your business objectives.

You’ll receive a detailed account of where you are now, your positioning in your particular market, what is and isn’t working in terms of content and communication and identify areas for improvement.

This can be the ideal starting point for many businesses before embarking on social media strategy development or in-house training as it will help identify where you need to focus and help plan your path to social media success. Our comprehensive report will give you both direction and peace of mind.

Prices are dependent on the size of business and scope of work. Ask us for a tailored quote