Facebook & Instagram Advertising | Online Training Course

Advertising on Facebook can be complex. If you’ve wasted money on boosted posts and lost the will to live in your Ads manager dashboard, you’re not alone!
Our Facebook and Instagram advertising course will teach you how to confidently run successful ad campaigns.
You’ll learn which type of ads will bring results for your particular business, how to plan, structure and set up campaigns, and how to test and measure their success. And a LOT of useful tips and tricks.

You might feel overwhelmed now, but we promise the confusion will clear and you’ll have a few ‘eureka’ moments!

All you need is an internet connection, a laptop and 2.5 hours per week for 3 weeks.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Virtual Training Course With 1:1 Support

Hosted online, our virtual course is adapted from our standard 1-day Facebook & Instagram Advertising workshop and delivered in a live, interactive format.

Our expert paid social trainers deliver their expertise in live, structured and engaging sessions via Zoom. You learn from the comfort of your own home and can ask questions, share comments, vote in polls and message the support team privately with questions during the session. All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

The course comprises 9 bite-sized modules over 3 weeks and a 4th week of access to the paid social team for support and troubleshooting, after which you’ll be able to run successful Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

  • 5 x 60 min lessons via Zoom, including 10-15 mins at the end of each for questions
  • 2 x 30 min interactive group calls
  • 2 x 30 min 1:1 calls with one of our paid social team

Week 1 | The Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising


Welcome to the Course

3o min – group call


Meet the Social Brighton team & meet each other

Share common challenges about Facebook ads

Explanation of the course format, lesson structure, 1:1s, communication, resources & support

Course structure and topics


Facebook & Instagram Ads – the basics

6o mins – virtual classroom


A thorough introduction to Facebook Ads

How do they work and why we see certain ads

Page transparency and competitor research

Setting up Facebook pixel

2020 ad trends

Benchmarks for different sectors



Set up, structure & advertising opportunities

6o mins – virtual classroom


Get to know the Facebook ads platform

Setting up Business Manager – audiences, page access, ad accounts, etc

The Facebook Campaign Structure

When to use the different campaign types

Audience targeting options

Building and saving audiences

Week 2 | Campaign Planning, Testing & Measuring Performance


Dynamic Creative and A/B Testing

(6o mins)


Why test and how long for

A/B Testing audiences and creative

Dynamic Creative and testing multiple creative elements

Planning your campaign


Measuring success & Monitoring Campaigns

(6o mins)


Facebook ads manager dashboard

Metrics and how they help us

Measuring results and data analysis

How to create useful reports

Customising your dashboard

Editing, pausing and duplicating ads

Organise your campaigns

Monitoring your ads and comments

How to improve underperforming campaigns


Planning your campaign (1:1 call)

3o mins – 1:1 call


Planning your campaign

Brainstorming ideas

Helping you prepare for getting your ad live

Feedback and advice

Week 3 | Getting your campaign live & developing your ad strategy


Building your campaign

60 mins – pre-recorded video 


From start to finish – building a campaign

Detailed descriptions about each element

How to optimise campaigns

Watch, pause and get your campaigns live at your own pace

The team are on hand to jump on a call to help you troubleshoot


Campaign support & your ads strategy

30 mins – 1:1 call



Feedback on the campaign

Monitoring performance

Tailored advice for your business


Advanced advertising strategies 

30 mins – virtual classroom & 30 mins interactive group call


Long term Facebook ad strategies

Funnels and mapping your customer journey

Sharing successes

Ongoing support available


Week 4 | Online support from the paid social team

We understand that there is a lot to learn with Facebook & Instagram Ads. Following the modules and 1:1s, you can still access the Social Brighton team at any time via email, phone or video call with any questions or problems you face.

Kerry and Callum - Social Media Strategists

About Us

We’re a friendly team of social media specialists that have been partnering with organisations to drive results with social media since 2010.

We’ve worked with over 400 businesses, helping them to stand out from the noise and achieve their business goals through using social media.

Our Facebook & Instagram Advertising course is one of seven fun and informative training courses that we developed to demystify the sometimes baffling world of social media.

Between us, we’ve managed over thirty ad accounts, boosting engagement, reach, landing page views, lead generation and sales for our clients.

With the help of our support, expertise and experience, you’ll complete the course confident in your ability to set up and manage Facebook ads successfully.

May dates & times

  • Tues 5th May 10am-11.30am
  • Thurs 7th May 2-3pm
  • Tues 12th May10-11am
  • Thurs 14th May 10-11am
  • Tues 19th May 10-11am
  • Thurs 21st May 10-11am
  • 1:1 sessions are fliexible

June dates & times

  • Tues 2nd June 10-11.30am
  • Thurs 4th June 10-11am
  • Tues 9th June 10-11am
  • Thurs 11th June 10-11am
  • Tues 16th June 10-11am
  • Thurs 18th June 10-11am

1:1 sessions are flexible