Social Media Strategy Workshop

We are now delivering our Social Media Strategy Workshop online. Give us a call to book in a session.

This is the starting point for most clients that we work with.

You wouldn’t start repairing your car without first of all establishing what state it is in and drawing up a plan of what work needs doing.

And we recommend the same approach to our clients when it comes to improving their online presence.

Depending on the size of your business, you might choose a half or full-day strategy workshops or ask us to deliver a strategy development project (where we conduct research and competitor analysis and create a complete set of documents for your organisation)

Strategy Workshop

This is a quick and action-oriented session to give you a top level social media strategy that you can start working on straight away. It will require you to conduct some more research and do some more thinking in your own time.


  • Your ​business/project​ – we’ll get a thorough understanding of your business model, pricing, current marketing strategy and goals for social media. This will allow us to set measurable social media objectives.
  • Agree short and long term ​objectives​ for social media. What does success look like?
  • Breakdown of ​target audiences​ (outline basic customer avatars for each group and list demographics, interests, their challenges and pain points).
  • Networks​ – which social networks should you focus on to promote your business and achieve your specific objectives?
  • Content​ exploration – list current content output and generate new ideas for content. (In our full day workshop, we’ll create a framework for these based on impact Vs resource and develop a 12 month content plan)
  • Budgets​ – what direct ad spend budget do you have per month? Which content is worth promoting to ensure some quick wins and how can you leverage paid social in the longer term? (full day only)
  • Measurement​ – what metrics and insights will you need to analyse to understand performance.

“Great workshop with Kerry and the team. Combining best practice with, practical, easy-to-follow advice they helped us refresh our social media strategy, keeping us up to date with the ever-changing social landscape. The after-care is also spot-on, checking in from time to time to help keep us on track”

  • Andy Gunn, Very Tall


“We had a Social media strategy session with Kerry and Daria for our Cycling Apparel Company and it was genuinely invigorating and inspiring. They provided a structured session that allowed us to develop ideas with purpose. The session was full of energy and real insight into developing a business through social media. We’re now kicking on with some purpose and can already see results.”

  • Jack & James, Donda Cycling

Strategy Development

If you’d like us to develop a strategy for you, we’ll typically meet for a half day workshop to kick things off, during which we’ll be gathering all the information we need about your business and your customers/clients to go away and create your strategy.

We’ll then do all of the research and creative thinking and map out a unique social media strategy with all of the information and tools you need to make it happen.


The deliverables will vary depending on the specific requirements of the project, but will typically include:

  • Social media goals and SMART objectives, KPIs and measurement methods.
  • Communications strategy for growing networks, engagement and impact.
  • 12 Month Content plan with themes and digital content assets required.
  • Detailed content strategy for each social network with publishing frequenciesand content optimisation guide.
  • Results of competitor and comparator analysis.
  • Hashtags and guide for use.
  • Software and tools recommendations (including set-up if required)
  • Brand voice guidelines.
  • Working strategy document with templates for reporting and data analysis.
  • Presentation and PDF guide for implementation

“Kerry was quickly able to gain good insight into what was required and what she needed to do to achieve our aims.

Kerry collated the teams’ successes and feedback and compacted them, incorporating additional opportunities, into an excellent strategy with a tiered, tailored content plan.

Kerry demonstrated an excellent understanding of our business and produced a plan that was actionable and realistic.”


  • Simon Woplin, Head of Drinks, Picturehouse Cinemas

If you're interested in Social Media Strategy Workshop for your business