Social Media Strategy

Without a strategy, your social media activity can be ad-hoc, hard to measure and time-consuming. We develop social media strategies that have clear objectives, connect you with your target audience and include creative, yet manageable, content strategies that will showcase your business in the right way, engage your audience and achieve your goals.

“Kerry suggested and executed a 3 phase process which involved, first, auditing and meeting the teams, then delivering social media training workshops to focusing on F&B but also covering general principles and best practice. The team she trained executed trial F&B strategies over a period of 6 weeks before reporting back so that Kerry could complete the final phase and refine and develop a number of strategies we could implement in all of our cinemas”

– Simon Woplin, Picturehouse Cinemas

Benefits of a Social Media Strategy

A new (or improved) clear and workable social media strategy that is working for your business.

Confidence in how to move forward on social media and how to measure impact.

Saved time with teams struggling to think of content to share and a calendar to populate.

Clear guidelines for your team in executing your strategy, preventing mistakes or ineffective activity and wasted time.

Why us?

This is our speciality. Kerry has worked on numerous social media strategies from national retail brands to social change projects in the developing world to local start-ups.

Kerry has been a social media strategist on global projects and has spent the past 8 years developing strategies - she has learned a lot about what works and what doesn't.

We believe it's all about your business and your customers and we'll dig deep to find the best way to connect you and grow your business through social media.

How it works

Meet up with Kerry either in person or on a call to talk through your business, current activity and what you need and we'll put together a proposal for you with some suggested options.

This could be a workshop with your team or a series of meetings and project deliverables.

We'll find a way that suits you and allows us to gain enough knowledge about your business to deliver a winning, creative and achievable strategy that you'll love.

Would you like us to develop a social media strategy for you?

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.