Social Media Management

One less thing for you to worry about 

Social media management is hard work when you’re busy running a business. Quite apart from the constant headache of coming up with ideas, it costs you time. Lots of time.  

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and left behind. The digital landscape keeps changing. How do you keep up?  

Easy. Get us to do the hard graft for you.  

We live and breathe social media (so you don’t have to)

We’re experts on social media management. For us, it’s the perfect combination of science and art – detailed analysis combined with smart, genuinely useful digital content delivered to a targeted audience.

Tell us about your business, and leave the rest to us.
• Content creation – Imaginative, punchy content that engages, educates and inspires the right people.
• Content delivery – Creative content, strategically deployed over core platforms.
• Reporting – Meticulously analysed data, reported upon every month in a simple to understand way.

It’s fast, responsive and effective. Your brand becomes recognised and trusted by a wider audience, and visible for all the right reasons.

Let’s take this off your shoulders. You have better things to do.

We like being social

We don't manage your social media from a distance. You’ll see a lot of us.

Social media is the face and voice of your business. It’s unique to your organisation and business goals, so we don’t duplicate off-the-shelf social management packages.

We’ll communicate with you, capture content, report back on results and generally keep you posted about everything that’s happening for you online.

I’d like social media management. How does it work?

First, meet up for coffee and a chat with the team in Brighton. Or we can talk on the phone. You can reach us on phone number

We’ll talk about your business, and what you want to achieve with social media.

After that we’ll put together a proposal with some ideas that match your objectives, your business and your target audience.

Ready to get started?