Social Media Health Check

A social media health check can identify both problems and opportunities for your business. Whether it’s a simple review or more in-depth analysis, this gives a great starting point to build on.

Benefits of a social media healthcheck

Identify opportunities for improvements to your strategy and immediate actions.

Ability to develop an engaging content strategy based on what engages your audience.

Analysis of your competitors in order to improve your strategy.

Social intelligence from social listening projects, based on your share of the conversation around key topics or products.

Improve products, services or communication based on audience sentiment analysis.

Why us?

We're fascinated by data and able to tell powerful stories that can help your business.

We know how to look for the right conversations to find information that's useful to your business.

We dig deep to give you tailored recommendations based on your business.

How does it work?

We'll need to talk to ascertain what you'd like to learn from your social media healthcheck and this will determine next steps.

For a simple healthcheck we'll need access to your accounts and a conversatioon about your business and customers.

For a more complex audit, we'll need a kick off call to establish the scope of the project and learn about key stakeholders, specific objectives and deliverables.

Keen to discuss a health-check or audit of your social networks?

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