Social Media Audit

The good, the bad and the data 

Could your business be doing a better job with social media? The short answer is… 

Well, yeah.  

A social media audit is a great starting point.  

We can provide objective, expert analysis of your social media strategy – what’s working and what’s not, where you should be focusing your efforts, and what’s not worth bothering with.  

Benefits of a social media audit

Social media takes time, and we can help you use that time to get the results you want.
Here's what we can do:
• Identify quick fixes for your current strategy.
• Benchmark your performance against competitors.
• Share creative ideas on how to genuinely engage your target audience.
• Measure your share of key social conversations.
• Provide recommendations tailored to your business.

And then there’s the data. We love data (but not in a geeky way). You can be fun and still love a spreadsheet.

We’ll dive deep into your data and report back in plain English on what needs to be done. It’s all about being creative with ideas, and we have tons of them.

Social media is a potential goldmine for your business. Are you making the most of it?

Why Social Brighton?

We’ve been working exclusively within social media since 2010. We live it, breathe it, take it home with us and cuddle it. OK, maybe not that... but you get the picture.

Our social media team are industry experts. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses strike gold with imaginative, uniquely creative social media management and social media training that helps them zip straight past the competition.

We now work with household names such as Fullers, TedX and Toni & Guy as well as iconic local Brighton businesses like Hotel Pelirocco.

I’d like a social media audit. How does it work?

Every business is different. You may want a simple health check, or a more detailed audit. The best way to find out is to have a conversation.

We’re based in Brighton so if you’re local, come in for a chat and a coffee with Kerry and the team. If you’re further afield, get in touch and we’ll talk on the phone.

Ready to get started?