Facebook Advertising

Supersize your online presence… and then supersize it some more

Facebook advertising is powerful. OK, you already know that. Facebook ads are the best tool for getting attention from people you want to convert into customers.

So far so good. But Facebook advertising is also complex, time-consuming and a massive pain when you’re busy with other stuff – like running a business.   

Let’s take it off your to-do list.


“Social Brighton is one of the best social media agencies I have come to work with [….] Advertising, social media and selling tickets is essential to making that happen; but every minute my team and I spend on that, is a minute less spent on crafting a unique and unforgettable experience for our audience. Social Brighton helped us to sell A LOT of tickets. But more importantly, they enabled me to focus my team’s energy more effectively and create the best TEDxBrighton to date.”

Toby Moore, TEDx Organiser

Facebook advertising services

Advertising on Facebook is a bit like dating. Start out too full-on and you’ll lose your audience quicker than you can say `Hello, marry me now’.

By taking things gently, and in the right order, our Facebook advertising service will strengthen your impact and multiply your online reach by thousands.

It's all about the journey.
• Initial awareness – We'll build brand recognition. Who you are, and what you stand for.
• Engagement – Advertising posts that resonate with your audience.
• Action – Optimised content that drives qualified, conversion-ready traffic to your website.

We know so much about Facebook advertising that we train advertising agencies on how to do it right. We provide a level of sophistication that others can’t - bespoke strategies aligned with customer journeys, creation of multiple audiences, experimentation with creatives and copy, and meticulous analysis to ensure optimum results.

Put simply, we help you reach multiple audiences and massively increase your return on investment.

Ready to get started?

Sounds expensive?

If you’re worrying about advertising spend, don’t.

You can start small with a Facebook ad and see if it’s working. You’ll have complete control over who sees your campaign and how much to spend.

As we said before, Facebook advertising is powerful - unique in its complexity. We know exactly how to get the best possible results for the money, whatever your budget.

I’d like Facebook advertising support. How does it work?

Every ad strategy is different. Yours won’t be like anyone else’s so we’ll start by asking about your business, event or campaign. Then we’ll suggest a budget and strategy that will bring the best results.

We’ll create a selection of ad ideas and once you approve, we’ll get them live for you. Then we monitor and measure like crazy, sharing regular reports with you.

The results are measurable. Once your Facebook campaign is up and running, it just keeps getting better.

Would you like to discuss Facebook Ads?

Contact Callum at hello@socialbrighton.com to find out how we can help.