Too scared to podcast

Too Scared to Start a Podcast

When I worked for a digital marketing agency in London, the only thing that got me through some days were podcasts. My obsession grew and soon I discovered a world of interviews with incredibly inspiring entrepreneurs until I’d heard enough to wonder: If they can do it… maybe I can too?

Not long after this, I took the leap, left my agency job and started my own hustle. As I began to ramp up my own blog and online community, I started to daydream about starting my own podcast. If podcasts could change my life, what if I could create a podcast that would have the power to do the same for someone else?

So I took the leap, created my podcast artwork, bought my equipment, and… left it in it’s packaging for about 6 months as I let my fears get the better of me! Blogging was one thing – typing words I can do. SPEAKING them? Not exactly this introvert’s idea of fun.

Eventually, on New Years day 2017, I took the plunge and hit record for the very first time. That was it. I broke the seal and – even though I cringe listening back to those early shows – I was hooked.

The truth is many of us are hung up on ungrounded fears, and the longer we delay, the more opportunities we miss. I believe (and have seen) the incredible benefits podcasting has in terms of business, confidence and making connections with people I had only dreamed of talking with.

If I can bust these common fears you *might* be experiencing, then hopefully you’ll take the plunge too this year.

Fear #1: Podcasting is too time-consuming
Fear #2: Podcasting is too expensive
Fear #3: Podcasting won’t drive traffic or sales
Fear #4: Podcasting is just a fad and I’ve missed the boat
Fear #5: No one will listen apart from my mum

Fear #1: Podcasting is too time-consuming

Podcasting does initially take some time to set up (especially if you’re spending time researching equipment, hosting and all the other bits and bobs) but once this is done, an average weekly show can be whipped up in as little as 30-45 minutes, depending on how you approach it.

How long are you spending on creating content for other marketing purposes? 85% of podcast listeners listen to all (or most of) a podcast. Think of the opportunity!

People are far less likely to read every word of your sales email or like your social media posts. When was the last time you read an entire blog post? (Er – apart from this one I hope!) But they will likely listen to all of your podcast episode – that’s time well spent.

In this upcoming workshop, I’ll be sharing my time-saving tips that ensure your efforts are worth every minute.

Fear #2: Podcasting is too expensive

It CAN be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to have the latest and greatest equipment. As long as your content is great, you can start with simple, affordable equipment.

Editing software like Audacity is free, and if you decide you’d prefer to outsource your editing, I’ve found great freelancers on Upwork and Fiverr from as little as £7 an hour (more than enough to edit a show.)

Fear #3: Podcasting won’t drive traffic or sales

The only way this can happen is if you fail to tell your audience where they can find out more about you.

A podcast can dramatically improve your traffic if you direct people to your website and/or social media – and above all, give them a reason to want more from you!

There’s also the bonus of traffic from creating a blog post on your site for each podcast you produce. Adding show notes (such as any links mentioned, a summary of what you cover in the episode or maybe a full transcript) will add to your site’s discoverability on Google and other search engines.

Fear #4: Podcasting is just a fad and I’ve missed the boat

Podcasting has shown steady growth over the years and currently, we have over 67 million people listening every month worldwide.

Indeed there is more competition for ears than ever before and Apple reports there are over 250,000 podcasts on iTunes. This number is only growing – but so are listeners (in recent years we see a 10-20% growth in listeners) so there really is no better time than right now to start your podcast.


Podcasting stats 2017

Infographic from

Fear #5: No one will listen apart from my mum

The truth is, podcast downloads isn’t the real statistic you need to worry about. This is one medium where QUALITY over quantity still counts.

There’s something special about hearing someone’s voice as they empower you to take the next steps in your life or business. You feel personally connected to them as they interview others and share more of their story.

This kind of connection normally takes a long time to build – sometimes, you don’t have that long. Podcasting speeds up the know, like and trust process faster and more powerfully than anything other than face-to-face meetings.

To learn how to get started with your own podcast – from planning to launching to promoting – join me, Cat, for this half-day Podcasting Course.