Complex Facebook Ad campaigns that sold out TEDxBrighton with a 1071% ROI.

“Social Brighton is one of the best social media agencies I have come to work with.”


TEDx has an amazing team of volunteers who orchestrate the inspirational event every year; but as volunteers, their time is limited. With all the focus and energy on creating a day worth remembering, there is little time left for marketing. Not only did they have capacity limitations, but also skill limitations.

They needed someone who had the time and know-how to develop and run an optimised paid advertising campaign that would generate ticket sales from a modest budget.

Services provided

Our approach & process

After an initial meeting with Toby from TEDxBrighton to discuss their objectives, budgets and organic content strategy, we developed a paid strategy focused around an initial 3 stage testing period followed by an increase in daily budget once ads were optimised.

Daily monitoring and adjustments allowed us to speed up the testing phase and make the most of the limited budget.


A 1071% Return on Advertising Spend.
200+ tickets sold through Facebook advertising.
A sold-out event.
An engaged audience ready to retarget for 2019.

“Social Brighton is one of the best social media agencies I have come to work with. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the team and they have worked really hard to understand our event and my personal needs as the client. TEDxBrighton (like all TEDx events) is not-for-profit and runs on volunteers. This creates a great set of values within the team and means we are always fuelled by our passion. However, it also means we have a lot constraints around resource and capacity. Our number one goal as a team is to create an amazing day, which tells a meaningful story and inspires people to do brilliant things. Advertising, social media and selling tickets is essential to making that happen; but every minute my team and I spend on that, is a minute less spent on crafting a unique and unforgettable experience for our audience. Social Brighton helped us to sell A LOT of tickets. But more importantly, they enabled me to focus my team’s energy more effectively and create the best TEDxBrighton to date.”

Toby Moore, TEDx Organiser

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