Scarlett Jewellery

The Client

Scarlett Jewellery is an e-commerce, luxury jewellery store, with offices based in Hove. When Scarlett came to us they’d been spending money on print advertising with no results, or data to learn from. They’d looked at Facebook & Instagram Advertising before but the agencies promised the world and didn’t deliver.

Owner of Scarlett Jewellery, Stevie Holmes said:

“The guys at Social Brighton weren’t like other agencies. They gave me honest and frank advice so we could learn and grow at realistic rates.”

The Brief

Scarlett were looking to increase sales, develop brand awareness, and get a true view of their business and the results marketing could bring.

Services Provided:

Our Approach

The first step was to meet the Scarlett team, and get a clear breakdown of their business objectives, who their audience are, how best to reach them and what content would resonate the most. With this information, we developed a clear Facebook & Instagram advertising strategy focused around maximizing revenue without missing opportunities for long-term business growth.

We created multiple advertising campaigns following a general budgeting strategy of:

  1. 25% to existing audiences
  2. 25% remarketing campaigns
  3. 50% new audiences

This worked particularly well because the first 2 generated a great Return on Investment, whilst the 3rd was continuing to introduce new people to Scarlett and keep the top of the sales funnel full.

The Results

Scarlett have seen fantastic results from our Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Earlybird Christmas offers – 1513% Return on Ad Spend
  • December Sales – 849% Return on Ad Spend
  • Introducing Travel Range – 754% Return on Ad Spend
  • Chelsea Flower Shower Range – 680% Return on Ad Spend
  • Follower increase from 2k – 12k whilst working with us. (This was never a priority of the campaigns, but a byproduct)
scarlett jewellery 2
scarlett jewellery instagram advertising

“Working with Social Brighton has been brilliant! Their communication and advice is always on point. Before, marketing felt like I was throwing darts at a board and hoping to hit something. Now I have a strategy, clarity, and results!”

– Stevie Holmes, Owner Scarlett Jewellery

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