Rogue Fitness

Multi-objective Facebook Ad campaigns that created a lasting connection with a new brand.

87% reduction in cost per click through Facebook Ads.

“We are so happy with these guys and the team want to say thanks!”


Rogue Fitness are a brand-new state-of-the-art fitness studio in Eastbourne.

Prior to opening, they had zero presence both online and offline. We, therefore, had the task of creating a pre-launch online marketing campaign that would raise awareness, engage, and convert potential clients.

Services provided

Our approach & process

We met with the Rogue team to discuss their new business, their mission and values, objectives and budgets. This gave us a thorough understanding of their target customers and how they wanted to be positioned as a brand.

We developed a social media strategy for Rogue, with a detailed organic content plan which they would be managing in-house, with our guidance.

We also developed a Facebook & Instagram paid advertising strategy which was focused on engaging their potential clients with the new and unique offering that Rogue was bringing to the fitness sector.

The launch campaign was centred around 3 stages that an individual goes through when they are first introduced to an organisation.

- Initial awareness & brand recognition: an introduction to who Rogue are and what they stand for.

- Engagement: showcasing the personality behind the brand and the instructors themselves.

- Sales: generating traffic to the Rogue website with ads optimised for class bookings.

We designed, set up and managed the ad campaigns in the lead up to the launch. Daily monitoring and budget adjustments allowed us to get the most value out of what was working best in restricted timeframes.


- Created awareness of Rogue Fitness with relevant audiences.
- Engaged locals who are into fitness and created a buzz about the launch.
- Reduced cost per click by 87% (showcasing the benefit of strategically taking customers on a journey rather than just selling).
- Created and nurtured relevant audiences.
- Met with the Rogue team on a weekly basis to share feedback and new ideas for social media marketing.
- Successful handover post-launch for the Rogue team to continue managing social in-house.

This was a really successful collaboration between ourselves and the Rogue team. Their commitment to social media best practice and community building meant that they have seen a really impressive organic growth in a short period of time.

“We planned to open a Boutique Fitness Studio in Eastbourne, so we knew a great social media campaign was so important. Social Brighton worked on our paid ads and helped to shape our social media strategy pre-launch and for the period just after launch.

We are so happy with these guys and the team want to say thanks!”

– Santi Brage, Owner of Rogue Fitness.

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