Rogue Fitness

The Client

Rogue Fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness studio in the middle of Eastbourne.  

When Rogue came to us, they were the new fitness kids in town – an unknown name. Santi Brage is the owner of the studio.  

“We were literally brand new. We’d found the Eastbourne studio in November and were opening in January. We needed to get this thing going really quickly, with as big a bang as possible.” 

The Brief

At this stage, Rogue Fitness had zero social media presence. They needed an online marketing campaign that would raise awareness, engage and convert potential clients - in double quick time.

We provided them with 2 services:

Our approach

The first step was meeting up with the Rogue team.

“Kerry and the team understood very quickly what was important to us, and what we needed to get this thing going in such a short space of time.” 

Armed with knowledge about their business, their values and mission, target customers, brand positioning and budget we created a social media strategyA detailed organic content plan gave the Rogue team confidence to manage the strategy themselves.   

A Facebook and Instagram paid advertising campaign was also developed, designed around the 3 stages that someone goes through when they’re first introduced to a company: 

  1. Awareness and brand recognition – An introduction to Rogue Fitness, who they are and what they stand for. 
  2. Engagement – The personality behind the brand, including the personalities of the instructors themselves.  
  3. Sales – Driving traffic to the Rogue website with optimised ads for class bookings.  

We monitored the campaign on a daily basis, making budget adjustments to get maximum value from the ads that were having the most success. 

“The way it was split into 3 stages really worked for us. We were involved in the whole process and felt we owned the project.”  

The results

Within just 2 months, the campaign created a huge buzz around the studio launch.

“We ended up with about 100 people at the launch, so it was a really successful outcome for us. There were 50-odd people doing the classes.” 

Regular monitoring, and the budget adjustments made as a result, delivered significant cost savings for Rogue. In fact, there was an 87% reduction in cost per click through Facebook ads.

Rogue Fitness have continued to create and nurture relevant new audiences. We meet up with them on a weekly basis to share feedback and new ideas for their social media marketing. 

“We are so happy with these guys – and the team want to say thanks!” 

Are you ready to get social media working for your business?