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An excellent social media strategy with a tiered, tailored content plan to be rolled out across the company.

“I can thoroughly recommend Kerry as a social media trainer and consultant for any business, she’s just so skilled at what she does. She just gets it!”


To help Picturehouse Cinemas marketing teams use social media to promote the food and drink offerings of the business - one of their USPs.

Services provided

Our approach & process

After speaking to the marketing teams in 5 different cinemas (each representing a different offering - from simple kiosk to large restaurant and bar) we audited their social media accounts and shared a report which showed to what extent food and drink was part of the content being shared by Picturehouse and it's customers.

We then designed a series of social media training workshops for each of the 5 teams, with a focus on developing a content strategy for food and drink that balanced with film and community content. We also trained best practice for social media marketing and helped to solve any practical issues such as internal collaboration and best use of time and resources.

Following the training phase, we developed a detailed social media content strategy for each of the cinemas in the Picturehouse group throughout the UK and advised how to execute it.


A clear strategy in place that showcased the USPs of the business.
Marketing teams felt inspired and with a structured approach to content
Increased reach and engagement with food and drink related content

We’ve worked with Picturehouse a few times, most recently with the lovely Felicity Beckett on social media video strategy and analytics.

You can check out her brilliant work here.

“We approached Kerry to work with Picturehouse as we were experiencing low levels of engagement with our F&B marketing and there was a lack of integration with our other marketing strategies. Our social content and activity did not reflect the customer experience and we wanted to address this. The key thing we had noticed was that F&B content was secondary to film content and we felt this was down to a lack of understanding from film marketers who needed knowledge and insight into F&B on social media. Kerry suggested and executed a 3 phase process which involved, first, auditing and meeting the teams, then delivering social media training workshops to focusing on F&B but also covering general principles and best practice. The team she trained executed trial F&B strategies over a period of 6 weeks before reporting back so that Kerry could complete the final phase and refine and develop a number of strategies we could implement in all of our cinemas. Kerry was quickly able to gain good insight into what was required and what she needed to do to achieve our aims. As a trainer, Kerry is warm, engaging, insightful and confident, and was able to get everyone inspired, working hard and contributing to the session. Kerry collated the teams’ successes and feedback and compacted them, incorporating additional opportunities, into an excellent strategy with a tiered, tailored content plan. Kerry demonstrated an excellent understanding of our business and produced a plan that was actionable and realistic. We now have a sound and reasonable platform for Picturehouse to implement across the rest of the estate. I can thoroughly recommend Kerry as a social media trainer and consultant for any business, she’s just so skilled at what she does. She just gets it!”

Simon Woplin, Head of Drinks, Picturehouse Cinemas

“Kerry’s training sessions were incredibly well tailored for our needs. Giving us a good insight into how to be more creative with our posts and also helping us become more inventive in how we organise the teamwork that goes into them.”

Kirsty Jones, Hackney Picturehouse Cinema.

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