Do Your Om Thing

The Client

Rosie manages the (fabulously named) Do Your Om Thing yoga centre. She runs classes, workshops and yoga retreats in Sussex.

The Brief

When she came to us, Rosie was unsure about using social media to promote her business. Most of the trending accounts didn’t represent what yoga is really about – and they certainly didn’t chime with her own views.   

“I wanted to know how I could use social media in a way that was authentic to me, and appropriate for my audience.”  

Our Approach

Rosie attended a range of our social media courses, including the social media strategy course and the new podcasting course.   

“The courses were super-useful. They were very well put together, with really accessible content. I realised I didn’t need to post every day, or tweet endlessly. It helped me find my own social media strategy.”  

For Rosie’s business, the podcasting course was a game changer. She decided to launch a podcast, Yoga Rose. 

“It covered all the stuff I was missing before. The course was very practical, and helped me refine my ideas before launching the podcast.”   

The Results

In the first 3 months after attending the course, Rosie broadcast 20 podcasts and generated 3,000 listens.  

Having started with few followers, she now has a loyal community on social media. People have really engaged with Rosie on social. They like her style.  

“It’s about choosing which bits of yourself to share, to let people in but not too much. It’s about being authentic, but not over-sharing.” 

She has created a social media strategy that is entirely her own. She publishes less frequently than some but adds value by putting a lot of thought and effort into each post.   

“It gave me clarity and confidence. I’m authentic in the way I use social media. I don’t have to be on every platform – I know which ones are the most relevant, and I have the confidence to give social media the appropriate amount of time.”  

On Facebook, Rosie’s followers have found her more personal posts inspiring and motivating. By encouraging conversations, she has helped people overcome shyness. Some have even met up outside the online world.  

“We all get together for socials and spend time together. Rather than just liking posts, there’s actual human engagement. People are making really good friends.” 

Are you ready to get social media working for your business?

There’s no one size fits all approach.

A clear social media strategy aligned with your business goals and customer profiles and tailored to your sector and budgets will make a positive impact on your business in the short term and ensure you’re not left behind in the long term.