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Rosie launched her Yoga Pose Podcast immediately after training with us – 20 episodes in the first 3 months have generated over 3000 listens.

Do Your Om Thing has an engaged community of like-minded followers, both on Facebook and Instagram and is a great channel for Rosie to sell her yoga retreats.


Rosie was looking for a social media course as she had never really used social media for her business before and was quite resistant, yet wanted to explore how she might be able to learn how to become more social but still use the channels in her own way.

Within the yoga community online, especially on Instagram, the trending accounts don't usually represent what yoga is really about and certainly not what it means to Rosie. So her challenge was to use social and promote her view of yoga and her values and brand in an authentic way.

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Our approach & process

Rosie attended a range of our social media courses, including the new podcasting course.

The first benefit Rosie found was that she made peace with social media, after being very resistant. She found her way of approaching social media marketing and planned a strategy that works best not only for her business but is also aligned with her personal values.

Rosie’s strategy is a bit different in that the publishing frequency is a lot less than other similar businesses. It allows her to add more value when creating the content, putting more effort and thought into each post.

Community focused social media and engagement has been a game changer for Rosie's business. On Facebook for example, she has chosen to share more personal posts about herself and people really like her style finding it inspiring and motivating. In fact, it engages people to talk about certain topics, makes them less shy and actually enables to meet up outside the online world.


Over 20 podcast episodes with 3000 plays
Successful social media strategy both for Facebook and Instagram
Easy and quick selling yoga retreats!
A loyal and like-minded community of engaged followers

Rosie found the podcasting course great for helping her refine her ideas before launching the podcast. She says that the course was very practical and covered all the stuff she was missing before! The podcast is doing really well and Rosie hopes to write a book soon!

Despite not having a huge following on social media at the start, people really engaged with Rosie on social, creating a loyal and like-minded community. She received a lot of good feedback from people after implementing her new strategy. As she admits, it's definitely adding more value to her business and network of loyal followers.

A social media tip from Rosie: It’s about choosing what’s bits of yourself you want to share, to let people in but not too much, being authentic but not oversharing.

“Your courses really helped me…….”

Rosie Iles-Jones, Do Your Om Thing

Rosie’s website: Do Your Om Thing



Are you ready to get social media working for your business?

There’s no one size fits all approach.

A clear social media strategy aligned with your business goals and customer profiles and tailored to your sector and budgets will make a positive impact on your business in the short term and ensure you’re not left behind in the long term.