New Social Brighton logo 2018

Our New Look!

I’m very excited to be introducing our brand new look this week. It’s been a long time coming and we’re so pleased with it! You’ll be seeing a new logo, colour scheme and bits and bobs on our website, social channels and on our training courses from today.


Back in November 2010, I was out one evening with a good friend of mine discussing a new business idea and working out exactly what I wanted to do. Many glasses of wine were consumed and many business names were bounced around. We settled on Social Brighton and my friend bought me a domain name and the following morning send me logins for a wordpress site and sent a logo he had created and told me to go blog!

Saying goodbye to this logo today….

That’s how Social Brighton began, a freelancer helping businesses learn how to make the most of social media, market themselves and communicate with their customers in the digital age.

The original name and ‘brand’ wasn’t important to me years ago; what was important was helping people understand a new way of marketing which many found confusing, overwhelming… or both! And these things are absolutely still what we’re about.

Why the new look?

It’s coming up to 8 years since then. Back then it was just me, on a mission to help businesses learn how to use social media (and cover my rent!) but over the years things have changed a lot:

  • We’re growing! It’s not just about me anymore; there is a small team of us and we’re looking for more talented people to join us this year. I’m so proud of the Social Brighton team today who are as passionate about what we do as I am. I love the culture that we’ve created; we work hard and we have fun, there’s space to be creative, to learn and to try new things.
  • We work with global brands now as well as smaller local businesses. The support we give to businesses is really varied and can meet most budgets – whether it’s a start-up business owner coming on a couple of training courses or a marketing director requesting a strategy workshop, consultancy package and Facebook Ads project, we apply the same expertise and professionalism to everything we do.
  • We’ve built a network of experts we collaborate with to bring specialist expertise to specific courses and client’s projects.
  • We’re doing more publishing, speaking events and now podcasting too. We’re always thinking of new ways to help businesses and share knowledge and the podcast was a perfect way to bring these together.

And so, as much as we liked our original logo, it was time for a rebrand to take us into the next 8 years and represent who we are today.


This is our new logo! Our designer, @Hey_Gill was brilliant to work with, really understood what we wanted and kept our new look simple, future-facing, yet fun and playful as well. And the animation idea was just next-level brilliant!

We hope you like it as much as we all do.

Check out the animation on Instagram