Here is a list of useful tools and apps to help you manage social media. We will keep adding to and updating this list – do let us know if you have something useful to share that should be on this list!



It’s a designing platform in which you can create content for all of your social media platforms. We’re using it for presentations, reports and training workbooks as well.



A designing app which you can use to create beautiful Instagram & Facebook Stories using templates.



It’s a photo editing app for mobile that allows you not only capture photos in the app and edit them, using preset filters and editing tools but also share them with a community of creatives.



One of the best photo editing apps that allows you to edit pictures using all the features and quality you would find and expect in a professional picture editing software.



Application for creating an automatically styled and designed motion typography for your Instagram Stories.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful, yet intuitive professional photo editor.


content discovery


Feedly is a news aggregator application. It’s a customisable feed to help you discover content that’s relevant to you

With this tool, we can easily discover and collect content such as articles, blogs, guides, etc. on different topics.




TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application, owned by Twitter, for the management of Twitter accounts. You can customise the dashboard to include the hashtags, users and keywords you want to monitor and engage with others from within Tweetdeck.




Linktree is a free tool for optimising your Instagram traffic with which you’ll get one bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers to.



Plann is an app to plan and design an Instagram feed! It’s a great Instagram scheduling, strategy and analytics tool that helps me to efficiently manage Instagram profiles and gives an opportunity to easily design the feed before you publish the posts.



Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management and optimisation platform for brands and agencies of all sizes. It will help you to manage publishing, analytics and engagement across all social profiles.



We used Buffer before we discovered Sprout Social. It’s a great starting point for businesses that schedule content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Perfect for small businesses who need to manage social with one profile on each network.


Tailwind (for Pinterest & Instagram)

It is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling app that will help you to schedule content, post at the best times for engagement, grow together with Tribes and get more actionable analytics.



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