Here is a list of useful tools and apps to help you manage social media. We will keep adding to and updating this list – do let us know if you have something useful to share that should be on this list!

For content creation


It’s a designing platform in which you can create content for all of your social media platforms. We’re using it for presentations, reports and training workbooks as well.



A designing app which you can use to create beautiful Instagram & Facebook Stories using templates.



It’s a photo editing app for mobile that allows you not only capture photos in the app and edit them, using preset filters and editing tools but also share them with a community of creatives.



One of the best photo editing apps that allows you to edit pictures using all the features and quality you would find and expect in a professional picture editing software.


HypeType (video text animation creation – great for Instagram Stories!)

Lightroom (professional photo editor)

For content discovery


For monitoring Twitter


For managing Instagram




For multiple platforms management & data analysis

Sprout Social


Tailwind (for Pinterest & Instagram)


Check out as well our Top 7 social media management tools blog post HERE with a more detailed description of each app.