LinkedIn Live video streaming

LinkedIn Live video streaming service

LinkedIn has announced the launch of its new live broadcast service. This new feature will allow selected users to broadcast live video on the platform. The rest of us may have to wait a little while to be able to do this ourselves.

Since enabling the upload and sharing of video media in 2017, LinkedIn has seen massive growth in this area. It reports that video is the fastest growing media on its 600m strong network. This is no surprise as it echoes industry-wide trends (and supports our constant banging on about video being the best content marketing format).

LinkedIn notes that it is going to focus on higher end, polished videos by working with third party broadcasters.

Initial LinkedIn live material will focus on:

👉 Conferences

👉 Product announcements

👉 Q&As

👉 Events led by influencers and mentors

👉 Office hours from big tech companies

👉 Earnings calls (i.e. conference calls between CEOs and stakeholders)

👉 Graduation and award ceremonies

So keep an eye out for these when on LinkedIn.

Live videos across the platforms

It’s easy to understand why LinkedIn wants to play in this space. Live video streaming has shown massive growth in general over the last few years across other social networks.

  • Facebook reported that in the 2 years prior to April 2018 there were 3.5bn Facebook Live videos, resulting in 150bn+ reactions.
  • Viewers will watch a live video for 8x longer (an average of 42.8mins!) than a pre-recorded one.
  • 80% of consumers would rather watch live video than read a blog.
  • 65% of live video viewers are more likely to make a purchase from that brand.
  • 73% of B2B organisations have reported a positive ROI from live video streaming.
  • Within the retail and e-commerce sectors there was an average of 30% increase in conversions for businesses that have implemented live streaming into their marketing mix.

So we can see that live video is not only popular and engaging, but that it drives people to purchase. It also breeds loyalty, and helps consumers feel closer and more trusting of the brands they interact with.

Live video streaming to build your brand
Courtesy of @kushagrakevat on Unsplash

What does this mean for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a different beast to other social networks being mainly inhabited by professional businessmen and women. You have to be wearing a suit before browsing the site. It’s the law.

So how would live streaming help you build your business on LinkedIn?

👍 It’ll help you connect with an audience of professionals

👍 It’ll help you reach them when they’re in an active mind set (as opposed to dribbling while passively scrolling Twitter).

👍 It’ll help position your business on a more professional, higher end platform.

👍 You’ll benefit from the vast amounts of professional data that LinkedIn holds on its users. For example, you’ll be able to target advertising for your next big live-streamed event to draw in exactly the right crowd.

👍 Be the first! If and when LinkedIn rolls out live streaming you have the opportunity to beat your competitors to the punch with a slick and engaging live event.

What kinds of things could I live stream?

You could…

  • Host a panel discussion between invited experts in your business sector.
  • Run a live Q&A session with customers, perhaps focused on a specific theme such as sustainability, diversity or industry trends.
  • Give people a walkthrough your office/factory/place of work.

And you really don’t need to wait for LinkedIn to get it’s act together – you can start practising right now with small, invited audiences on your social media platform of choice. Find out how to:

Live stream on Facebook

Live stream on Twitter

Live stream on Instagram

Live stream on YouTube

Companies that master live video streaming stand to benefit by tapping into a large B2B audience with highly engaging content.