4 Brighton SEO Takeaways (from a non-SEO expert!)

We were among the lucky ones who enjoyed a free ticket to this year’s Brighton SEO. This year, the event held even more value for social media professionals as well as SEO professionals. I have felt somewhat out of my depth in previous years with SEO (I know the tip of the SEO iceberg!) but I’ve always found the talks interesting. I found this years’ event covered more content marketing and design than I’ve noticed before.

Make the most of your content

Matt Siltala’s talk about content creation and repurposing content was my favourite talk of the day. He talked through how one infographic, created with SEO in mind, can be used in multiple ways.

From one infographic we can create a visual snack pack (I love this term!), mini graphics or infograms for each stat for social, animations and more – all linking back to our websites. I’ve been talking a lot more recently about creating ‘blockbuster’ content from which we can create a lot of value in smaller snippets via social so this really resonated with me.

Remember the viral SOCIAL MEowDIA infographic from years ago? This is down to Matt and it lives on today in many different format. Genius.

Don’t neglect design

Meg Fenn from Shake it Up Creative delivered a fascinating talk about the role that design plays in SEO and how Google’s algorithms take into account how long people stay on a site and how they use it. She explained that using stunning design plays a quintessential role in SEO. I really loved Meg’s argument for strong design and how there needs to be a collaboration between UX and SEO.

As I said, I’m not an SEO expert but I know that there are still SEO ‘experts’ that purely focus on backlinks and what, for me at least, feel like outdated practices. The great thing about Meg’s talk, and Brighton SEO in general, is that you can see that they are pushing the sector to new mindsets and best practice – a value which really aligns with our view of social media marketing too.

Go live!

Bonni Brant talked about her experience when her agency, Kaizen, tried live streaming via Facebook and the lessons learned along the way. Live video is scary for a lot of people but, having done my first Facebook live just last week, I can say, it felt no different to recording video, apart from the great engagement that occurs during the stream. It really isn’t as scary as you might think and Bobbi’s advice about promoting the event beforehand and practicing, planning who will do what are great insights. I think you just have to get started to learn those lessons – you can’t plan it all and know the outcome. But it’s easy to do and it doesn’t require any financial investment – all you need is a smartphone and a Facebook account.

After all, 78% of online audiences are already watching Facebook live content and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Facebook Funnels

Byron Marr from Aira gave an inspiring talk about Facebook funnels. His talk was particularly engaging because his knowledge is based on personal experience from trying to promote his band. And because his cat @littletimmons is properly cute.

We’ve taken on some of Byron’s recommendations into our own Facebook advertising strategies to test new ways to increase ROI and use Facebook audiences to our clients best advantage. And so far, the results are great. I think every business needs to get involved with Facebook Ads as there’s a clear benefit to reaching the right people. If you’re an ecommerce business and you take it a step deeper, thinking about the conversion path of customers, that’s where Facebook Ads can start showing a tangible ROI and give you some really valuable data about how long it takes to convert customers. His advice about working backwards is spot on – start with the customer and think about how they get to that point and about all the interactions with your brand along the way. That’s where you’ll identify where the opportunities lie and save money too because you’re targeting smaller, more specific audiences.

For the next year or two I feel that Facebook adverts are still going to offer fantastic value to SMEs and start-ups, before large broadcasters start to invest (because they realise they have to) and push up the cost for everyone else.

We spent a couple of hours in the pub after Brighton SEO with pints, paper and pens, sketching out new Facebook funnels, marketing strategies and custom audience ideas which we implemented on the Monday morning. That’s the result of an inspiring, value-packed day.

Thanks Brighton SEO!