Instagram IGTV promotions and public collections

Instagram has been strangely quiet about the performance of its standalone long-form video app IGTV. Given that it rarely refrains from blowing its own trumpet we can only assume that IGTV isn’t quite hitting the expected heights. Yet.

Instagram is experimenting with ways of drawing its 1bn+ regular app users over to IGTV. They’re working on new features that will display short clips or trailers of IGTV content to users on the main platform. These will be triggered when a profile you follow shares a video on IGTV. Users will also start to see suggested IGTV channels to tune into.

Long form video is a relatively new format for Instagram and one that people are slow to adopt, particularly when compared with the runaway success of Stories. It seems we’re happy to tap, swipe and scroll through short form content (video or otherwise) but not yet excited to watch full TV shows in portrait format.

However, this is an area that Facebook and Instagram are clearly backing. Therefore businesses who are early to test and adopt IGTV are a marketing channel will benefit from being early to the party. Imagine being one of the first YouTubers.

Instagram Public Collections

Launched back in 2017 the collections feature on Instagram allowed people to save posts they like and group them into… er… collections.

For example, you could create a collection for your favourite home furnishing styles, sports team or wedding cakes. They look a bit like the mood boards format adopted by Pinterest.

Instagram is now experimenting with the ability to make these collections public. It also may offer the option to allow other users to contribute to a collection.

Instagram Collections

How might this help my business?

Public Collections would help brands market and sell more effectively. They could create and share collections of certain types of products – i.e. fashion styles, recipes or holiday experiences. They could then include Shoppable tags to allow people to buy directly from Instagram.

Note: Very few high street brands are making regular use of Shoppable Tags. So if you’re not already set up, now might be a good time to get on board. Find out how here.

Public collections could also give a new avenue for Influencers to ply their trade. Curators could create collections – I.e. my fashion tips for the month, my favourite restaurants in Tokyo, or my top ten cheeses, for example.

The next logical step would be to include an affiliate link so influencers are paid on based on results, rather than being paid per post.

Instagram says it’s not even testing this feature yet, but given that we’ve recently seen the same on Facebook with Shareable Collections this feature may well rolled out in the coming months.

If you’d like to know more about how to use Instagram to market your business why not check out our Instagram Masterclass.