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How to Make Facebook Ads Work for B2B Marketing

If you’re a b2b organisation looking to spread the word about your product/service with decision-makers, there’s a good chance your advertising is focused around LinkedIn.

Fair enough.

It’s got fantastic b2b targeting options, the platform has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, and it’s a great way to make the right people aware of your brand and start building those relationships.

The issue is that for most b2b firms the service is high-value, and with that, you need to create multiple touchpoints and build trust before someone is ready to sign on the dotted line.

That’s where it gets expensive.

The average CPC from LinkedIn ads is between $6-9, so once you start bringing in layers of retargeting it gets real expensive real quick.

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Enter Facebook ads.

At this point, you’ve done loads of the legwork through LinkedIn ads and now you can start running effective, cheap Facebook campaigns. You know you’re getting relevant decision-makers to your site, and if you’ve got the Facebook Pixel set up you’ll be capturing their data so you can start to retarget them on Facebook.

This way you’re reaching people across multiple platforms, you’re creating multiple touchpoints, and you’re doing it without the LinkedIn price tag.

If the pixel has been on your site for a while you will have been feeding it loads of great data about who your customers are and what actions they take on your website. Meaning you can make fantastic lookalike campaigns that will reach new people, like your customers, at a much cheaper rate than LinkedIn. I’d only recommend this if you get enough traffic for the pixel to create really solid lookalikes – the more data you’ve given it, the more accurate the audiences are.

If you want a clearer breakdown of how this can work for your business, get in touch and book a free call here.