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How to create a PERFECT Instagram BIO

Why your Instagram BIO is so important to get discovered by more people 🤔

It’s not only your Instagram feed that gives the first impression to potential followers but also the BIO that most people will read before they even scroll through your feed. It can certainly give people a reason why they should follow you.
Here are some tips that will help you grow your Instagram followers thanks to a well-optimised BIO:

1. Name section

There is a lot more potential here than you think. You shouldn’t just include your name but also what you do as your name is searchable within the platform. It is important also to include any relevant keywords in this section. e.g. Tom Walker – Business Coach
instagram bio

2. Niche statement

Communicate exactly who you are and how you help. Include in this short sentence clearly what you do so that it will attract your target audience. e.g. We help purpose-driven organisations drive results through the responsible use of social media.

3. Add details

If you have more space available don’t miss this opportunity to add some details. It can be a (fun) fact or something that builds your authority e.g. x views on YT / Founder of x / Bestselling author
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4. Add your Call To Action

This is especially important if you have a link below – adding a CTA pointing to that link encourages people to click there e.g. Free e-book ⬇️ / Learn how
perfect bio

5. Include link

It would be a link to your website, other social channels, a landing page or, like us, a link to multiple pages using a tool like


Now that you have all the tips, why not review your BIO – we hope it makes a positive change for your business on Instagram too! 🤓
If you want to learn more about Instagram for your business get in touch with us or check out our upcoming courses.