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How do you grow your Twitter followers?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Whilst the number of followers you have is not the most important metric to consider, it is often thought of as an indicator of success and credibility, and therefore becomes a key focus for many businesses.

I recently wrote an article for Sussex Business Times to answer this question. In a nutshell, the answer to ‘How do you grow your Twitter followers?’ is a combination of the following:

1. Connect with like-minded people

Following others who share an interest in your organisation or it’s products and services will mean you will be able to connect and converse naturally. It’s better to build a network of people who are likely yo engage with you and take the relationship further, rather than those which are really just empty numbers.

2. Be Discoverable

Ensure people can find your Twitter account (and other social channels) by linking to them from your website, email signature and other marketing material such as business cards, leaflets and brochures. People will discover you in a number of ways so make it easy for them to find the right account. If someone has to spend too long searching in Twitter because they don’t know your @username you may lose them.

2. Publish Valuable Content

The updates and content you choose to publish and share on Twitter say a lot about you and help to position your business in your market. By publishing tweets that engage your target audience, either through providing information, entertainment or joining conversations, you’ll be sure to attract new followers who can see that you will be adding value to their feeds if they follow you.

4. Be Social

Last but not least, be social. Converse with people on Twitter as you would in your store, at an event or in your office, and you will develop an authenticity that will work wonders for you. Adhere to your brand values and maintain a consistent digital voice throughout your social media team.

You can read my article in full on pages 28-29

Sussex Business Times Twitter Article

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