Facebook Ads: How to Reach the Right People

With Christmas looming in the not-so-far distance, ensuring your Facebook ads get in front of the right people is more important than ever. 

This week, we’re going to be sharing how to make sure your ads are being seen by relevant and niche audiences who will take the actions you want, right in time for the start of your Christmas campaigns. 

You probably already know that when you’re creating your audience in Facebook Ads manager, you are able to add different interests and behaviours to match that of your target customers or clients.Where some businesses fall down is by having an audience that is too broad and then fails to perform as well as they had hoped.

For example, if you’re selling online what CAN sometimes happen is that you end up with a really big audience because your ‘location’ covers the whole of the UK, and maybe Europe or the US or even further afield.

What this means is that even with some specific interests and behaviours to bring the audience size down from large location, the audience is very broad and your budget may only reach a tiny percentage of those people.

Each interest and behaviour added works on an ‘OR’ basis. Meaning the more you add, the larger the audience.

The ‘Narrow Audience’ feature option opens a second interests and behaviours window. Anything added in here means ALL of your audience must match this; because it works on an ‘AND’ basis, the size of your audience will be reduced.

Imagine you want to target people interested in Marketing, Mailchimp and Facebook Page Admins…. If you put all three of these in the first box, your ad will reach people interested in any of the three. If you put Facebook page admins in the second ‘narrow audience’ box, your ad will be seen by people interested in (Marketing OR Mailchimp) AND Facebook page admins.

So if there is one defining interest or behaviour that all of your target customers have, try narrowing your audience and your campaign could work much better.

Good luck!


If you need any more help with this or have some key Christmas campaigns to organise  join our last Facebook & Instagram course this year on 28th November.