Bacardi’s virtual house party experience via Facebook

There aint no party like a Facebook party

Bacardi have launched a very clever little campaign called “Unwrap the night” which uses your Facebook information (friends, photos, relationships) to personalise a house party experience just for you.

Upon walking through the door of a rather swanky residence you can use your mouse to move 360 degrees and take in the room (full of beautiful people drinking Bacardi, obviously).

When you reach the bar, you are offered a menu of Bacardi based cocktails all named after some of your facebook friends. You choose one, the barman makes it and off you go to mingle. The highlight of the experience is having a mix on the decks. I am aware of some incredible DJ apps available on the iPad, but I still find it impressive to be able to do this on my laptop!

There are a few other personalised moments to make you smile without going overboard on the branding, allowing you to enjoy the experience. It’s obvious what it’s all geared toward but Bacardi realise they literally can’t force it down your throat so have utilised facebook, as a social and commonplace part of our lives, to connect with it’s audience. No doubt people are sharing this all over the web and there lies the genius.

This is definitely one of the more fun outcomes of sharing your personal facebook details with an application and a very clever step forward from drinks brand’s regular promotional video campaigns. It may be uncannily reminiscent of Minority Report (remember the personalised advertising on the walls?) but clearly we can come to expect more of this as a result of our loving adoption of social media platforms. With this kind of novelty and fun, all privacy concerns are temporarily forgotten.


Very impressed, all in all a great use of technology and branding. Try it for yourself

Will it make me drink Bacardi?

I’m afraid not.