Social Media Specialists

Social Brighton is a friendly team of social media specialists. We’ve been helping businesses with social media since 2010. Sometimes, it involves filming people dressed as lobsters… but that’s another story.

Have you noticed something about social? There’s a lot of noise out there. We don’t join in with it. We’re here to clear up the confusion and take the pressure off.

We can help you get creative with social media, to reach and genuinely engage with your target audience to bring measurable results for your business. It doesn’t have to involve lobsters, by the way.

We’ve worked with… 

So far, we’ve worked with more than 400 businesses. Some are local, like The Grand Hotel. Others are household names such as Fullers, Toni & Guy and Picturehouse Cinemas.    

We’ve also worked with non-profits such as Crosscheck International and IDS, and with universities in Canada and Australia.  

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Giving back

We care about helping charities and causes make a positive social impact.

We donate a minimum of 120 hours each year to pro bono consultancy and partnerships

We are proud to work with CALM and Safe & The City.

We’re also very proud to have worked with one particular client since 2015 as the social media strategist and consultant on social impact projects in sub-Saharan Africa, including gender equality, health and nutrition.

How Social Brighton began

Social Brighton really began life in 2010 as a social media blog run by me (Kerry) while I was still working as an Operations Manager in the hospitality industry. I'd had my daughter in 2009 and had that 'new mum' realisation that there was more to life than working your ass off for other people and not seeing enough of your family.

It was clear to me that social media was going to be a game changer in terms of marketing and communicating, particularly in the hospitality sector, full of young people and early adopters. And this was exciting - these were our customers and advances in tech were changing the way that people communicated, discovered events and shared information.

My responsibilities as an Operations Manager included managing budgets and P&Ls as well as marketing strategy and I saw a huge opportunity to embrace social media. Not only to promote the businesses I looked after more effectively but also to engage in two way communication with our customers using the channels they were spending all their time on.

The result was an ambitious social media strategy, shaving tens of thousands off the expenses line, an engaged audience and our organisation getting ahead of the game at an early stage in terms of digital.

Realising my passion was in social media marketing now rather not stock margins and licensing legislation (and very loud music), I founded Social Brighton, to be able to help other businesses take advantage of social media too.

By 2014 I was getting more enquiries for training and consultancy than I could handle part-time and so I took the plunge… and said goodbye to that 20-year career in the drink business in order to run Social Brighton full time. Eek!

Over the past few years, the business has grown very quickly... as you can see from the variety of faces above! And there are many more with whom we collaborate to bring training courses and expert skills when needed. We work with some amazing clients and have so much fun in our work - I believe life is too short not to.

If you ask me if I ever thought Social Brighton would be where it is now, I may get a little emotional. Because when you take a risk and get to do what you love every day, work with such a fab team and help hundreds of businesses, it's hard to believe sometimes.

I can't wait for what the next few years will bring!