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Ollie Skipper

Business Development Manager

I’m Ollie, a born and bred Brightonian with a love for food, technology and high-grade content (especially podcasts). It was in the dynamic hospitality sector where I developed a genuine care for going the extra mile for customers- something that came in handy when I had to run 26 of them for my first marathon in April 2018! I’ve enjoyed working with Social Brighton’s diverse range of clients as I’ve been able to pursue my passion for marketing and content creation in new, imaginative ways. Commercially, I’m a big proponent of organisations who invest in their people, foster collaborative learning and promote personal well-being. It’s great to see such approaches becoming more mainstream!




1. Favourite book/ film

My favourite book is Beware the Past. Typically crime/ detective ‘who did it’ mysteries aren’t my thing but this book is full of anxiety-inducing twists and turns. I guarantee you will not be able to guess the ending.

2. Favourite quote

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake”
– 50 Cent

3. Weakness.

Drinking coffee to combat a hangover- it’s a dangerous game.

4. Celebrity crush:

Cameron Diaz in The Mask had me feeling gooey as a kid. As Jim Carey would say: SSSSSMOKIN!

5. What do you wish you knew more about?

Whether AI is destined to be the demise of the human race – sorry it’s a bit depressing!