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Daria Szotek

Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

I enjoy using social media and love the positive impact it’s had on my life! Hence I decided to pursue my career in social media and marketing. At Social Brighton, I help businesses to manage their social media platforms. I also create content for the firm as well as clients. I have a creative personality, and I’m a passionate photographer.

I’m definitely a big foodie. I have my vegan food blog called An Apple a Day and yes, I do love apples and eat them every day. I create healthy vegan recipes and share my photography and lifestyle there.

In my spare time, I cook a lot of course but also love spending time in nature – hiking, walking, being active in general. I practice yoga too. What brings me lots of happiness is definitely spending time with friends and enjoying coffee & food together.






1. Favourite book/film.

One of my favourite movies is The Age of Adaline.

2. Favourite quote.

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

– Mahatma Gandhi

3. Weakness.

Chocolate & quality artisan coffee in my fav cafes in Brighton.

4. Celebrity crush.

When I was much younger it was Leonardo DiCaprio (classic! well, he was younger too). Now, it has to be… Douglas Booth🤔

5. What do you wish you knew more about?

I wish I knew more about plants – they usually do not survive with me for too long, even cactuses… I’m already learning tho.