7 top social media management tools

Are you looking for the best social media management software to help you manage social media? Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade to a better one? I’ve created a list of our favourite tools at Social Brighton.


As a social media company that manages many client’s accounts, we have to stay at the top of our game and find the right solutions for efficient and simple social media management.


Using platforms that help us to schedule some content in advance made such a huge difference, not only for stress-free bulk scheduling but also for better organisation and content creation.

Here are our 7 top social media management tools.

  1. Sprout Social  


This is our favourite social media marketing tool!

Sprout Social is a social media management and optimisation platform for brands and agencies of all sizes. It helps us to manage publishing, analytics and engagement across all social profiles.


Key features & benefits:

  • Manage multiple platforms and group by client/company.
  • Engage with posts, hashtags and comments
  • Coordinate with your team and delegate tasks
  • Submit posts for approval
  • Tag your content internally
  • Amazing analytics reporting – simple, visual reports by group, channel or internal tags
  • Great calendar view of scheduled and published content
  • App available


Sprout has a variety of paid options for businesses and agencies but does offer a 30-day trial.


We find it great to work with, easy to manage multiple channels and especially love the reporting, which beats other software in our opinion.


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  1. Buffer

We used Buffer before we discovered Sprout Social. It’s a great starting point for businesses that schedule content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Perfect for small businesses who need to manage social with one profile on each network.


Key features & benefits:

  • Manage all of your social media accounts in one place
  • Schedule any type of posts across all platforms, for your preferred time
  • Get insights into the effectiveness of the content
  • Add multiple team members and set access levels
  • Available as an app
  • It’s free!
  • For larger businesses that manage many accounts, there are a variety of pricing plans


We also love Buffer’s blog and podcast – great content for those in the industry!

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  1. Tweetdeck

Source: The Verge

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application, owned by Twitter, for the management of Twitter accounts. You can customise the dashboard to include the hashtags, users and keywords you want to monitor and engage with others from within Tweetdeck.

We use it all the time! Not for scheduling posts as we use Sprout for this, but for engaging in real-time with our audience.


Key features & benefits:

  • Add custom columns to track hashtags, keywords and target specific users
  • Reply to messages and monitor trends
  • Link multiple accounts to streamline Twitter management
  • Schedule Tweets, create Tweet Collections
  • Create and edit Twitter lists
  • Monitor competition
  • Set up alerts to stay on top


What’s great – it’s completely free! All you need is your Twitter account.


We like Tweetdeck for finding new followers and always staying up to date with tweets.


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  1. Feedly



Feedly is a news aggregator application. It’s a customisable feed to help you discover content that’s relevant to you

With this tool, we can easily discover and collect content such as articles, blogs, guides, etc. in different topics.


Key features & benefits:

  • Allows you to create relevant feeds – separate groups based on the topic of the content you’re looking for.
  • Define favourite content sources
  • Find relevant blogs and publications
  • It’s free!
  • With a paid plan you can follow tweets, take actions on the articles – save, tag, share, email, ‘read later’, etc., monitor keywords and set up alerts


It’s very similar to BuzzSumo – another content discovery tool. It doesn’t give you many metrics but definitely helps to be on top with your content ideas.


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  1. Milanote

(updated in June 2020 when we discovered how awesome Milanote is)


Milanote is a tool for organizing creative projects into beautiful visual boards.
By design, it feels a lot like working on the wall in a creative studio – visual, tactile and sometimes a bit messy – Milanote is a great fit for social media managers who either work in teams remotely or collaborate with other agencies/clients.

Key Features:
– Write notes & to-do lists, upload images & files and save things you find on the web
– Organise your calendar visually using the flexible drag and drop interface
– Boards by default are a private place to think, but with a single click you can create a shared workspace for collaboration with your team/clients
– Milanote is filled with loads of built-in templates for a variety of different projects, from creating a mood board to sharing content ideas to creating your final calendar.

The free version is brilliant or you can upgrade to the PRO version $9.99 per month.


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  1. HubSpot


Hubspot is an inbound marketing, sales, and service software that we use to manage our contacts, generate leads and track emails.


Key features & benefits:

  • Manage all of your business emails and sync with your work email.
  • Track marketing and sales funnels from the first touch point to the closed/win deal.
  • Make sure you stay on the top of all of the deals.
  • Improve your business development strategies.
  • For social media – monitor brand mentions and relevant conversations, track engagements automatically and schedule your social posts to be published when the right people will see them.


We’re still quite new to HubSpot, exploring all of its benefits and learning new tools. What we love is the ability to manage our leads and sales funnels easily.


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  1. Plann for Instagram

Plann is my favourite app to plan and design an Instagram feed! It’s a great Instagram scheduling, strategy and analytics tool that helps me to efficiently manage Instagram profiles and gives an opportunity to easily design the feed before I publish the posts.


Key features & benefits:

  • Simply drag-and-drop the pictures to see how they will lay out in your feed to optimise the look for your account.
  • Get an insight into the performance of your posts
  • Create your colour palette
  • Find out the best time to posts
  • Set up your goals with notes
  • With paid Plann you can also schedule Instagram Stories!
  • Schedule content – from writing captions to finding and saving your favourite hashtags for later posts. Great if you’re managing a lot of Instagram profile – time-saving, easy to use and affordable app!
  • It’s free for managing one account only but definitely worth an upgrade, if you want to create a visually beautiful feed for your business or clients and get as many insights of your work as possible.


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I hope this blog post was helpful and has given you a great base of software to help you to manage social media both efficiently and more effectively! Let me know which ones of these 7 top social media management tools you’ve already used or if you are planning to give them a go.