5 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one of the largest social media platforms around. This is why businesses should be looking to present and promote their products across the platform. With around 800 million users on Instagram, the use of the platform as a marketing tool can provide success for a business. However, it can be difficult to grow your business through Instagram and drive sales in a heavily saturated market.

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Here are 5 ways to grow your business through Instagram:

1. Produce High Quality & Relevant Content

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Your brand needs to be recognisable to a consumer. The bio needs to be an accurate representation of the business and the products you are trying to sell. Try not to overload on information here, just use the most valuable points. There is a section to post the link to your website as well. The key is to produce original content!

Your feed needs to be interesting and aesthetically pleasing so taking high-quality photos or videos of your product should be a MUST to help attract more followers and grow your business’ presence. Just think, What do customers want to see or know about your business/product?

Creating a feed with the same theme (for example, black and white) can be a useful tool as customers then know what to expect from your Instagram account. This will make them more likely to follow your business’ page which will get them seeing your product more. Just think, the better the quality, the more impact. Don’t be too sales like, be authentic.

Don’t be too sales like, be authentic.

Another feature on Instagram is tagging your products in posts which helps people see more information on the product. This is a great technique to set up to improve the growth of your business by allowing customers to click-through to your website to browse. This then increases the traffic going to your website.

2. Post Regularly

Frequent posting of content is a great way to stay ahead of the game; it gets your brand out there whilst encouraging people to engage with your feed.

Analytics shows you which posts do well; meaning you can narrow in on what content works best for your business. It will also give you an insight into when followers are more active and what the best time for engagement is (giving specific days and time periods).

I know analytics can seem scary for some businesses but learning from them will be your biggest ally here. There is no need to be afraid to implement change. Just think you can meet your customer’s wants and needs by learning more about your followers!


3. Stories

Stories on Instagram have become the first point of contact. When someone scrolling through Instagram stumbles across your page or intentionally searches for it, they will see that you have a current story (top tip: you should always have a story!).

Think of your story as your ’60 second elevator pitch’ in 15 seconds. A story should entice a person to click the follow button. It should represent the brand in some way, for example, a product being used or a poll asking questions like, ‘Which product do you prefer?’. This is key for increasing engagement and showcasing a lifestyle that buying your product creates

Think of your story as your ’60 second elevator pitch’ in 15 seconds.

So just think what kind of lifestyle will people who buy my product lead? Post what the outcome of having your product brings.


4. Engagement

Engagement is WAY more valuable than your total number of followers. Engaging followers are more likely to invest in your business through purchasing products and liking every post.

You can ask them what they want to see more of or answer questions they may have about the products or business. On Instagram, you engage with the questions you would like to answer, so make sure you direct message the people who asked questions you did not answer.

Always be kind in your responses. This is a reflection of your business remember!  If people follow your account but do not engage, do not worry! Hope is not lost, and this should certainly not deter you from posting regularly.

If people follow your account but do not engage, do not worry! Hope is not lost, and this should certainly not deter you from posting regularly.

Ask questions in the captions of your posts to encourage engagement or post more interactive stories (e.g. polls, Q&A’s, rating systems etc).


5. Using Location Tags & Hashtags

grow your business through Instagram

Location tags are a great way for people to come across your photos which can potentially lead them to your profile. It is a great way to broaden your reach and can benefit your business if done strategically. For example, say your business is a restaurant – you would tag your posts with the name and location of the restaurant. This is particularly convenient if located in multiple places.

Using relevant hashtags that represent your brand as this will create a following that is more likely to engage with your page, and product. Hashtags can be a fantastic way for people to enter a competition and/or give away, subsequently channeling attention to your page. Also, they have the potential to create a trend that will market your business through the popularity of the hashtag and by appearing on different discover pages throughout Instagram.


The most important thing to remember is that rapid growth is not realistic and it takes a large amount of time and effort. It will be worth it eventually though!