Social media ideas for nonprofits

5 Social Media Ideas For Nonprofits

So many social media ideas, so little time!

And when you do find the time, you’re thinking about what’s new and what to post.


We work with many nonprofits and over the years have found a few ideas that consistently help to add some variation and engagement to your social media feeds.


Here are 5 of our favourite social media content ideas for nonprofit organisations.


  1. Share statistics, statements and quotes

Simple graphics and captions sharing stats, statements and quotes about your organisation, those you help and the impact you’ve made on an individual, community or global level can be really powerful at demonstrating your social impact in an eye-catching way. Easy to create and a quick win


  1. Repurpose website content

Review your blogs, research articles, reports and video content and recycle and repurpose this across social. Often, we’re focused on what’s recent or new and forget that historic content still has a lot of relevance and value for our audiences. Find introductions, abstracts, snippets, summaries and create new posts and graphics to share the value in these written pieces.


  1. Reach new audiences by jumping on trends


Research some general hashtags to find popular trends that might help you to reach audiences at scale with relevant content to drive awareness of your organisation.


These are a few that have been popular for a while. 


#TipTuesday or #TransformationTuesday


#ThrowbackThursday / #TBT

#FridayReads #FridayFeeling


and there’s plenty more!


These could help increase your visibility and allow you to share your beliefs, values and vision with a wider audience. You could inspire and motivate others, share useful advice and connect with likeminded people.


  1. Engage others in the organisation


Consider creating an online folder, Google sheet or Slack group where people from various departments in the organisation can contribute to your social media content plan. When more people share their content with you, you’ll find your social feeds start to represent, and give a platform to, all areas of the organisation. 


It may take a while to change the culture at work to include everyone so make sure the process is as simple as possible.


  1. Make it personal


Your audiences want to see real people on social. Introduce and share stories about the people in your teams, the people you support, your partners and your donors. Share your vision and purpose and tell people why you all work for the organisation. This content will inspire people and help to build a human connection on social that is more memorable.


It’s important to have fun with your content but don’t lose sight of what really matters; ensure your social activity is helping you work toward achieving your objectives.


If you’d like to discuss social media strategy please book a call with Kerry to see how we can help