3 Ways to up your Instagram Story Strategy

Since first debuting in 2016, Instagram stories have shot up in popularity, with 500 million users now using the feature daily. 

We’ve noticed recently that organic reach seems to be moving away from Instagram posts towards the ever popular story feature, with a reported 46% of all Instagram content now coming from stories, compared to 54% of organic posts. Here we explore three ways to utilise some of the story features to up your Instagram story strategy. 

IG stories for business

So, what are the trends around businesses and Instagram stories?

Instagram ad spending is on the increase thanks to the growing popularity of Instagram stories, with big name brands such as Nike, Smirnoff and Stella Artois pouring money into the feature. 

Statistics published by the Instagram team reveal that one third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses, so if you aren’t incorporating them into your marketing yet, you really should start. 

There are lots of fun, interactive and easy to use story features that businesses can use to boost engagement and better connect with their audience. Here are three we’d recommend integrating into your marketing strategy that will drive great results.


Instagram questions can really break down the barriers between a business and its audience, helping to foster a genuine connection with current and prospect customers.  

The question sticker allows businesses to showcase their expertise and build trust with their following, whilst simultaneously boosting their engagement. 

Questions are also a great tool for market research; you can use the feature to find out more about your customers/clients and to ask your audience for feedback on your product or service. 

How to add a question to your story

  1. Upload a photo to your story and select the questions module
  2. Type the question you want to ask  and add it to your story. The default text for the questions sticker is ‘ask me a question’ but you can play around with this.
  3. To see the answers to your question, go to the list of people who have viewed your story and select ‘responses’. From here, you can individually share the responses to your story with your followers. 


With the rise in demand for authenticity in marketing, businesses are moving away from the corporate in favour of promoting the ‘human’ element behind a brand or business. Instagram quizzes are great for this, as they allow your audience to really get to know your business and your team.

How to create a quiz

  1. Tap the quiz button and add it to your story
  2. Add in your question and up to four possible answers. The correct answer will be highlighted in green. 
  3. Share the quiz to your story and wait to find out if anyone has answered correctly!
  4. To find out the results to your quiz, open the list of people who have viewed your story. From here, you can see who responded, and how they answered. 

 Top tip: Why not use the quiz feature to boost engagement by running a competition!


Instagram’s countdown sticker is useful if you’re running an event and you want to let people know when it’s happening, and to generate some buzz around it. 

How to create a countdown

  1. Tap the countdown sticker to add it to your story
  2. Create a name for your countdown and select the end date
  3. Use the colourwheel to change the colour of your countdown sticker
  4. Share the countdown to your story

You can only have one countdown sticker per story, but you can have multiple countdowns running across different stories. Although countdowns will disappear with your story after 24 hours, the countdown will keep running, and you can add it back to a new story at any time. 

Have a go, get creative, see which one engages your audience the most and let us know how it works for your business. 

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