3 New LinkedIn Pages Features | January 2020

LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular for organisations. There are already over 50 million businesses using LinkedIn Pages. The number is increasing and we’re not surprised, as it’s a great way to engage with your network – clients, employees, and prospects alike. LinkedIn is working on new features each quarter and this month it has introduced three new options to Pages.


You will now be able to:

1. Invite to Follow

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn now has a new follow feature that lets you ‘Invite to Follow’ as a Page. It allows you to invite your 1st Degree connections to follow your Page and grow its community, as well as helping you to grow your own network.


2. Stream with LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is now available for Pages too. It’s one of the features that helps members to engage with their network in real-time with up to 7 times more reactions than usual and 24 times comments vs standard posts.

LinkedIn Page admins can now also “leverage sight, sound, and motion, in order to have direct conversations and interactions with their Page followers.” If the follower wants to receive notifications about the Page going live, all they need to do is to enable the notification.

You can privately test the feature to make sure you stream it right and target the correct audience by using the stream targeting feature across different languages and geographies.

If you wish to try it out, apply here.


3. Post as a Page or member

From now you don’t have to go directly to the Page to post but you can also post as a member of the organisation using the toggle switch introduced by LinkedIn that’s available on the homepage. This feature makes it a lot easier to engage with your followers and it’s very easy to access.



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