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What’s new in social media / Sept 2017

What’s new in social media / Sept 2017

If we know one thing it’s that social media never stops evolving. It can be difficult to keep up with the myriad of platforms and their ever-changing tools and guidelines. But don’t worry; we are here to keep you updated on all the latest changes.

Facebook’s video updates facilitate better insight for creators

Having taken on board feedback from video creators using the platform, Facebook learned that video content makers want more insight relating to re-shares of their content as well as limitations on the amount of metrics those re-sharers can see themselves.

How does this update work?

Facebook is going to offer better visibility for video makers, allowing them to view:

  • Retention graphs
  • Average watch time
  • 30 second views
  • A detailed breakdown of views (autoplay/click to play, unique/repeat)

Minutes viewed, 10 Seconds Views and sound metrics will soon only be visible to creators as well.

Page owners who re-share video content will no longer be able to view this information, but will still be allowed to see aggregated information about the demographics; the general location of people who are viewing that video; daily views of the re-shared video; and additional breakdowns on paid versus organic video activity.

How can this help your business?

These changes support the notion that video is fast becoming a dominant feature for Facebook. This suggests that businesses should spend more time creating promotional videos and distributing them via the platform. With these changes, you have better control over your video content.

The video statistics will now show information about the demographics as well as the location of the people who are viewing your material, making it a great tool for understanding your customers. You can then feed this new knowledge into your video content strategy, tailoring your content to appeal to your customers.

Instagram Stories moves to the web

Instagram’s Stories feature has helped propel this (relatively) new social platform to widespread popularity.

This function allows users to capture a series of pictures and videos and post them as a single slideshow feed to their followers, visible for just 24 hours. Users can also add graphics or doodles to each piece of media.

Previously only available via the Instagram app, the platform is now enabling the Stories feature on desktop and via the mobile web, allowing you to view content on larger screens rather than having to hold the phone right against your eyeballs or use a high powered telescope.

Soon you’ll also be able to upload Stories via the mobile web. This is great news for content creators who painstakingly edit together materials outside of the mobile app. However Instagram has confirmed that it has no plans to allow pictures or Stories to be uploaded from the desktop.

How can this update change the way you are using Insta Stories?

  • Edit, edit, edit – While it does not fundamentally change the Stories feature, this update is great as it allows you to spend more time editing what you post. This will lead to better content for your followers and generally make them happier. Which is nice.
  • Non-Instagram footage – rather than having to capture live footage in the Instagram app (it’s all about immediacy, you see!) you can now bring in older footage from other locations to weave into your story.

Twitter helps to cut through the noise with a new Popular Articles feature

This new feature is a welcome addition to Twitter. Many people tell me how they find Twitter a little overwhelming, especially if they’re running a small business and are strapped for time. So now that Twitter shows you popular articles you don’t have to spend ages checking your feed to find the good stuff.

Popular articles are pieces of published content that your networks are engaging with. For example, if the people you follow like or follow this article, then Twitter’s algorithms expect that you’ll find it interesting too.

Does this change things for your business?

  • Hopefully it’ll make Twitter more user-friendly, encouraging people to spend more time on the network and, therefore, increase the chances of them connecting with you
  • Interesting content should (if this new feature pans out well for Twitter) be more easily accessible to you, meaning you can join the conversation and share with your followers.

Twitter has tried a number of features in the past that haven’t exactly been groundbreaking, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with this one.

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