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What’s new in social media / August 2017

What’s new in social media / August 2017

The world of social media never stops evolving, and we’re here to keep you up to date with the latest updates on key platforms.

Over half of Instagram’s business users are using its Story feature

Instagram only launched its Stories feature in August 2016 and yet, in April of this year, the company reported more than 200 million users of the feature, which was developed to take on one of its main competitors, Snapchat.

Credit: Techcrunch. Read more about Instagram Stories on Techcrunch

Instagram announced that 50% percent of business that are using the platform created a Story in the last month. More importantly, more people are spending time on Instagram than on Snapchat.

What is an Instagram story?

An Instagram Story is a series of photos and/or videos that last for 24 hours after publishing. Like Snapchat stories, you can edit these photos by adding text, filters and drawing on them. The idea is that they are moments of every day life, pretty uneventful, and not therefore not worthy of a permanent place in your Instagram feed.

There are now 250 million people using Instagram Stories every day and their number is expected to continue growing in the next months.

Sounds great, but how can this help your business?

Here are a couple of ideas for how this feature could work for your business:

  • Share an informal ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into your business – Even though Instagram stories may be temporary, their effect will surely last. Well thought stories that show an authentic but skilfully created look at your brand will humanise your business to your audience.
  • Show off your creative process – Consider doing a special feature that gives viewers a peek to an unannounced product or service. Sharing your work with your audience strengthens the relation between your brand and its consumers.

Searching on Pinterest takes one less tap with the latest update

Pinterest users are exploring more ideas with search tools and in response, the brand is making search easier to use.

Pinterest report that nearly 85% of searches on their platform are made on mobile devices. With the growth of Lens, their visual searches have increased by 60% from the same month, last year.

Pinterest lens

Credit: Pinterest

Lens allows us to search for inspiration based on something we see, a photo we have on our camera reel or a suggestion from Pinterest. It’s still a little clunky (they admit it’s still in beta mode – check out their Twitter feed here for inspiration and some funny results)

Along with Lens, recent changes have made it easier to narrow down results within Pinterest Search. According to the latest data, 74% of Pinterest searches are three words or less.

How can you work with Lens to enhance your Pinterest engagement?

  • Create boards and invite your follower to join them – One of Pinterest’s features is the option to create boards. Creating a board and inviting your clients and followers to it will further promote your brand and allow your products to be discovered.
  • Justify your brand with facts and pictures – Customers want easy, digestible information. Pinterest is one of the best ways in which you can use this tendency to your advantage. With careful placed facts and catchy images, your brand is sure to be recognised on the growing platform, leading to possible future sales opportunities.

Instagram implements Live Video Replays

A couple of updates ago, Instagram implemented the ability to add live stories to our camera roll and then share them as regular Instagram videos.

However, in a recent update, Instagram raised the bar. You can now instantly share your live video directly to your Stories with one simple touch.

Credit: Instagram

Your video will be fully played back in its entirety on the story feature. Users will also be able to rewind several seconds to catch anything they may have missed, which is a huge advantage that we haven’t seen on Stories or live video yet.

Video is a proven business tool, but how could you use this feature in your marketing?

  • Host an interactive Q & A – Direct engagement with customers is key to a successful business and this update makes that communication even more dynamic. Instagram Live is both a real- time broadcasting tool and engagement platform. Apart from viewing videos, users can engage directly with hosts and other viewers via live chat. Let your customers know when you will hold a live session and have them send their questions ahead of time.
  • Broadcast a class, tutorial or demo – Show customers how your products and services work via live tutorials, free classes or demonstrations. Instagram Live doesn’t have a time limit on videos. That means you can host longer videos to promote sales by highlighting you services while actively engaging with your customers.

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