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What’s New in Social Media – April

What’s New in Social Media – April

Since the last update on the latest changes in the world of social media, there have been some interesting developments; LinkedIn lead generation adverts, Facebook have made it easier to test ad campaigns and Instagram have teased us in the UK with shoppable images. Here’s a summary of each with tips for your business marketing.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

LinkedIn have launched a new type of advert – the Lead Gen Form. You may be familiar with Facebook’s Lead Gen Adverts already and these are similar but with one, massive bonus – the forms are pre-filled with information from the users profile. Great news, because who likes filling in a form on their phone?

This type of advert is only available on mobile at present but with 80% of LinkedIn user engagement occurring on mobile devices, this should be a winning update for the business social network.

How can this help your business? 

  • A high ad response rate – no one enjoys filling in forms on a smartphone so the fact that LinkedIn does this for you and you just need to click a button, you will hopefully see a good response rate.
  • Solid addition to your paid marketing strategy – if you are a B2B organisations who uses LinkedIn to network and find customers, you now have an additional feature to consider in your strategy.

Shopping on Instagram 

I recently read about the shopping feature that Instagram have been trialling in the US with a small number of businesses. When this rolls out to the UK, I will have some very happy e-commerce clients!

With this new feature, your customers can tap on an icon at the bottom of the post to view products within the image. The price is shown and you can click ‘shop now’ heading directly to the product page on your website.

Instagram are trialling this feature to make shopping…

“less transactional and more immersive. Something that gave people more time and space to browse and evaluate products.”

Kate Spade from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

How can this help your business? 

  • Increase revenue (and website referrals) from social – it will be easier for your customers to buy your products or services when this feature is rolled out to businesses outside the US.
  • Opportunity to showcase collections or collaborations for specific seasons or campaigns.

Tip: If this feature could help your business make sure you have a solid strategy in place now to build your followers and get your head around Instagram Advertising so you can hit the ground running when it is available to businesses here – you can see my latest social media courses here or book me for a 1-2-1 social media training session and get ahead of the curve.

Facebook Campaign Split Testing

This is a welcome feature to Facebook. In my Facebook advertising courses we focus on split testing or A/B testing for every campaign, because it’s the only way to learn how to improve the performance of your ads over time. When you create an advert in Facebook Ads Manager, you are now prompted to split test and create two different audiences to test your adverts.

By running a campaign with the same creative (image/video and ad copy) to two different audiences you’ll learn which audience respond best and take the action you want.

Facebook Split Testing

How can this help your business? 

  • Save money – this reminder to split test your campaigns will keep you on track with running ads properly to become more cost effective.
  • Deeper insights – by split testing, you’ll learn more about your online audiences and establish benchmarks for cost per click/conversion/lead to allow you to plan your marketing budget more accurately.

If you’d like to book a free meeting to discuss how I might be able to help you implement any of these ideas or get you up to speed with social media marketing and advertising, give me a call on 07766 310317.

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