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What’s New In Social Media / March 2017

What’s New In Social Media / March 2017

Each month we bring you some of the latest developments in the digital world.  Outlining what’s new in social media and giving you tips on how they can help your business.

Instagram Carousel

What's New In Social Media: Instagram Carousel

We all like a good story and know it’s a great strategy to share our stories to let our customers see more of what we do.  The desire for storytelling is recognised in social media hence the addition of relevant features on popular platforms.  Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have all chosen to name theirs “Stories” while Twitter opted for “Moments”.  

Instagram has now added another dimension to your storytelling capabilities.  The introduction of their carousel feature enables you to upload multiple images and videos in a single post, giving you the opportunity to share more information.

With 400 million daily users, of which 150 million actively use the Stories feature at least once a day, it’s no wonder Instagram have kept themselves ahead of the game with the introduction of the carousel feature.

How can this help your business?  Social Media Today identified ways your business can benefit from the carousel feature including:

  • Step by step guides to demonstrate product uses, processes or recipes.
  • Displaying multiple products in one post showcasing each product in it’s own photo.
  • Creating a follower survey by asking a multiple choice question.  Using each image to display a choice on which customers can comment with their answer.

Instagram’s Carousel feature is available now on both Android and IOS.

Job Listings On Facebook

What's New In Social Media: Facebook Job Listings

A feature currently being trialled in America but hopefully making it’s way to a Facebook business page near you soon is the job listing tab.  The feature allows businesses to post a job listing in the same way you would write a status update.  Listings appear on the page timeline, the newsfeed of page fans and are stored in a jobs tab on the business page.  Candidates are able to apply for jobs using the “Apply Now” button with their job application being sent via Facebook messenger.

Instagram Insights Now Includes Stories

In July 2016 we saw the introduction of business pages on Instagram with insights allowing you to track the success of posts.  These insights have now gone one step further to include stories posted by your business page.  Using insights you’re able to track reach, impressions, engagement and when people exit your story.  With Stories becoming increasingly popular, it’s beneficial as a businesses to analyse the performance of your stories.  Having knowledge of what engages your audience enables you to tailor future content their needs.

Facebook Reactions Are Worth More Than Likes

What's New In Social Media: facebook reactions worth more than likes

It’s been just over a year since the introduction of Facebook reactions. In their first year reactions have been used over 300 billion times and as expected Facebook are set to use the first year data in their forthcoming news feed algorithm update.

We always knew that engagement with a post helped it’s visibility but now reactions are going to be more important than likes in Facebook’s algorithm.  Reactions provide a better indicator of how someone feels about a post compared to them approving of the post by simply liking it.  This will result in Facebook’s algorithm showing people more of what they react to positively rather than news they just give a like to.

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